Job -> Career

We came back to the Desert Premium Outlets. This time Tyler wasn’t with us, my mom was. Her birthday was last month and I was only able to gift her $500. She didn’t want anything else but I wanted to take her to buy clothes. 

Chico’s, second time there, saw a bunch of clothes I thought my mom would like so I wanted to take her this time. She liked the first two I brought from the last trip.

We shopped all day, my mom and I fell asleep on the way back and now I more stuff to add to my closet. But my justification stems from work clothes. :P

With that said, I bought a cute little sweater (for work) for about a little less than $40. Originally $119.00, 60% off total, ended up being a lower price, 60% off. I grabbed the silk blouse back off the rack to check the price and ended up with two items.

The silk top was $219.00, something else in system, and 60% of that. Spent only $133.00 total. Now I got two tops for the office.

I just recently cleared my closet. I did it when we moved from Bear’s apartment. And just last week. I started to shop for clothes that I could wear at the office too. Which means not so deep V tops. O.O

My perspective towards things have definitely changed after starting at my new job. A little over a year into it and I love it as much, or even a little more, than when I started. And I think it’s been beneficial in all aspects of my life.

I definitely see myself growing and it becoming a career. Actually, the process has already started. I need to get my schedule in order again and really take action to self motivate and discover so I can take this career to the sky. 

I struggled a lot, trying to find something. And I didn’t not try. Every job I had I loved and wanted to help it grow while thinking of it as my own. It just didn’t end up, but I am still lucky enough to be in touch with my previous employers. It may not be very often but it is and it’s super special when we do. 

I never knew when or how I’d know and when I would start or do something in I thought was my “dream job”. 

I almost want to say that discovering what you’re meant to do it kind of like discovering the guy you’re supposed to be with… You just know. The puzzle fits and all that stuff.

My style has changed, my attitude, confidence, outlook and much more. Growing is special and there’s no other way to do it but by doing it yourself. 

I think about the future and how excited I am to kept growing and becoming the best of me, in my career, personal life and amongst friends. 

Cheers to my new career and all of you as well! 

Replacing my bumper…

Nobody really knows this, but I got into a wreck few weeks ago and my license plate flew off. Luckily the person I hit went back to the scene (in the middle of the intersection) and picked up my plate for me.

My #swarovski crystal plate frame was completely ruined. There were already missing stones from other fender benders. :/ I decided now, I’ll have to get a new one.

My front plates will look shiny and fresh! Can’t wait!

Make sure you get the AB stones, they are they ones that are iridescent. :)




Visited my gf again in NY and brought Bear with me. He got to enjoy the subway ride into the city.

My gf met me at the airport so I could learn how to ride back into the city. I was fine until we arrived into Manhattan and I had to lug my suitcase up four flights of stairs! Narrow ones too! People were coming down as I was going up and it was just too tight for me to comfortably carry luggage up those flights.

The last flight, my gf carried it for me! :P

The city wasn’t as cold and there was still snow in the streets. Dirty snow.

I got to enjoy the city on Saturday, roaming around and going to MAD and MOMA.

I used to say MAD was my favorite museum because the one time I visited, the exhibits were so cool and I fell in love, BUT this time around, it wasn’t that great.

I didn’t like ANY of the exhibits. MOMA was just okay too. My first time. It was super crowded and very expensive. $25! That’s crazy!

The reason why I loved MAD was that I saw the most gorgeous chandelier in the lobby which has been removed. I didn’t think it was an exhibit, but I guess it was.

I also saw an exhibit where the artist used syringes to create a beautiful enormous chandelier. The exhibits weren’t as modern and to me, I didn’t see any art and design aspects. It was more of a historical exhibit. Not my cup of tea.

I did enjoy the gift shop and picked up some greeting cards. (I love greeting cards)

On Sunday before my trip, I picked up Katz for Bear. :)

I did NOT have Shack Shack this trip, but we did go to Marea. Thank you JH for lunch!








Yesterday Morning…

I got new sneakers the other day to replace my Nike Internationlist Platinum sneakers and I had to retie the damn laces!

I didn’t like it at first sight but now I love them. I obviously love grey.

They have a grey jersey material and are super comfy.

I do love the Internationlist shoe the best out of all the Nikes.


@PolarGlobal #Balance #MustHave

I was jelly of #fitbit since they had a matching scale to go with the activity tracker, but now, NOT NO MORE!

Polar Global has designed a scale to sync with my activity tracker and blah blah blah…

I haven’t weighed myself in a while and I’d love to get this scale to get my fitness regimen going again. It’s white and pretty too. :P

Polar Balance
Polar Balance