How To Be a Gentleman

“Passively succumbing but knowing how to be aggressive when situations arise”

I’ve had an idea brewing in my head for a while now.

After so many failed relationships and bad dates with men who lack the qualities of a real gentleman, I wanted to write a book, “HOW TO BE A MAN”.

Recently I started the “FIRST DATE ETIQUETTE” series and found myself coinciding with the issue of being a man/gentleman.

I’ve had to rewrite my posts and learn to separate the two.

I think it’s time. I’ve been putting it off for years now, only because I wanted to write a book but I think incorporating it into my blog would be the first and ideal step.

I think what has deterred me in the past was that I had a boyfriend (on and off).

I didn’t want to offend the boyfriend at the time so I was limited in what I felt I could write in regards to how a man should be.

I don’t have any plans on swooping one up anytime soon so I think this is the perfect time to start.


to be continued…