I’m One of Those…

I’m not racist. But I do stare at interracial couples.

I stare because…
1. I am curious as to what they have in common.
2. How they met.
3. If he/she has yellow/white fever.
4. If they are truly happy.

Now that I’m dating my first non Asian man, I realize how narrow minded I’ve been.

Who am I to think that 2 people with different ethnicities can’t get along?

Or be romantic, genuinely?

I am always the one to tell people to have an open mind about EVERYTHING, yet I was judging every interracial couple I saw.

Maybe it wasn’t judgement, more so a bewilderment.

I didn’t understand it. I have Korean friends and family married to different ethnic backgrounds but never thought I would muster up the courage or be adventurous enough to date one.

I’m taking it all in. Slowly. I actually think it’s been better for me because I went into it with no expectations. Whereas before I had too high of expectations.

I find myself getting surprised by his mannerisms and behaviors because I didn’t think non Asians knew how to be THAT way.

Either way, now I’m one of those.

I swear the times that we’ve been out, people have been staring at us and now I know what they are thinking.

They are thinking the same thing I used to think.

“Oh, she has white fever” And we all know that is NOT the case with me.

Everything is different and I love everything about it!