Movie Night @Petersen_Museum

Sent in an RSVP for movie night at the Petersen Automotive Museum few weeks back. Cars 2 was screening and I know how much Tyler loves the Cars films.

He was happy about it and it was the perfect way to spend the day. I of course made the family leave right before the end of the movie since I didn’t want to leave with everyone else. Traffic and bottlenecking is irritating.

I wish we had been able to have our wedding here. It would’ve been my ideal place. Too bad it’s so freaking expensive!






I noticed I was getting low on my inventory of my Bear Baby handkerchief so we decided to stop by Chung’s Appliance to pick up more. Of course to my luck, they did not carry it anymore.


When Bear Baby first moved to his place, we came here to get some household items.

I saw this near the checkout aisle and I wanted a 손수건 (handkerchief) so I grabbed the cutest one and it was the one with the baby bear and the mommy bear. It was super fitting because of his nickname Bear. I ended up buying about six. I mean, geez, they’re so cheap, only $.69!

Well, when I went today, this is all they had. I asked two different employees but this was all they had.

I must go back in a month and check again. I got five of the yellow happy memories.



always carry a handkerchief, you never know when you’ll need it to wipe your, tears/nose/lipstick/any other gunk


I got just what I wanted. I wanted to do nothing. I’m at home watching Netflix. Orange Is The New Black.

No plans, nothing. He got me three bottles but I don’t even want to drink.

Saturday I pick up Tyler at 8:30am and we have Cars 2 screening at the Petersen Car Museum at 7pm.

He goes to church with my mom on Sunday am so he spends the night usually.

My only wish was to not burden anyone of my birthday. I was just glad to have friends in my life. I know we all get crazy schedules and honestly I don’t like planning.

Just happy, happier than the days this week.

Happy birthday to me and my eyelash 언니, Yeana.


Thank you Bear Baby for my gifts!!!

Some arrived Friday when we got home.


One arrived earlier and he was hiding it under the dirty laundry! Of course I found it.


I love it all! Three rosès for my third birthday celebration with him! A photo of the perfume, Jour d’Hermès because it’s coming later, panda card, snoopy lunch pail and the Steve Madden quilted shoes!

The shoes are small but the right size is on its way!