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Baby Dilemma

Me: If I decided I didn’t want another baby, would you still be with me?

Bear Baby: Of course.

I knew then, I was marrying my dream man.

I know my wedding will soon be over and I know that I’m not getting any younger.

I’ve been thinking about when I should have my baby and even though there are so many factors, the most important one for me is my convenience.

I’ve been there and done that (with a nanny) so I know exactly how it’s going to go.

I’m still trying to convince Bear Baby that a nanny is necessary.

I’m even having my friends chime in.

The two options are, of course, get pregnant soon after the wedding. Or wait at least a year and get pregnant. Hoping that ‘getting pregnant’ is much easier said than done.

The pros of getting pregnant right away:

Get it over with, still young, chance to have more… I guess that’s it.

The cons to getting pregnant right away:

I’ll be alone, I can prepare my body… that’s all.

The pros and cons of waiting… well, I can’t really think of any reason except that I may be able to plan my pregnancy with a friend.

I always say, being pregnant alone is torture.

I have no reason to wait. I want at least three children and the longer I wait, the better chance of a complication.

I just want to be in a place where I can still work out while I’m carrying. I had a friend who ran half a marathon while six months pregnant! Now that’s something!

I honestly feel like my biggest fear is that I’ll get fat and I won’t have a social life.

Which may be a great thing (not the fat part) since I started my first quarter at Walden University (online) to finish my bachelor’s degree.

Though it won’t help me from now until the day after the wedding.

I still expect some things to change if I do get pregnant. I’d want to be in a house, not an apartment. I need to make more money. I need to get healthy. We need to reevaluate certain things.

My first pregnancy was never planned so this is all new to me. I may not be excited about the wedding but I sure am excited about getting pregnant with the love of my life!

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Testing out the clubs that my crush uses.

Bear Baby LOVED them!

Cobra Amp Cell Pro






Mako 2-Eye Canoe Moc Boat
iconV-Neck Pima Cotton T-Shirt
J. CREW Shorts

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Wedding Photographer

Today we met with George Street Photography and little did we know, they are based out of Chicago and have contracted photographers nation wide! I thought they were from KC and had a satellite office in LA.

We met with our consultant who happened to also be from KC and she helped us pick a photographer by the style we desired. Of course we had no idea what it was until we saw their portfolios.


Their packages started at a reasonable price and I originally wanted to go with the one person shooter but seeing the capabilities of what a second shooter can bring, I had to rethink about what we wanted.

Though, almost a $1000 more expensive, we went home to think about it.

What I really loved about their business model was that they had people doing everything for each area. Photographers for photography, editors for editing, album designing for the designers and so forth.

They are located everywhere and can accommodate to any local city.

AND their quality of photos are great! Well, I should say that my standards may be lower than the first timer normal bride.

I can care less, I would have been ok without a photographer.

I just need to assign a #hashtag and print them off Print Studio~

(I have to decide on #hashtag soon, help! Suggestions will be appreciated!)

We’re expecting an email with our contract with full pricing + tax so let’s see what the damage is!

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#HumpDay @HollywoodBowl

First time in the bleachers but it was super fun and nice to be around friends and have the whole area to ourselves!

There were some patrons around us who were a bit uptight but we just moved to another area after they started making comments.

Wine, cheese, kimpbap, fruits and tequila of course.

It was a fun night with the girls & their +1s.

Thank you 언니 for getting the tickets for us! We had such a blast!

Summer isn’t worth having if you can’t visit the Hollywood Bowl!




Trying to pose for the candid shot. :P



Getting #photobombed by Susie, our new friend. :)


The overly excited looks is always our “go to”.


Ok, a normal shot!


Couple 1


Couple 2



Couple 3 (not pictured)