The Best! @CoreyHosford

I look like a fat kid who is just about to eat a whole cake but I don’t care!

I had the best time riding along with Corey Hosford during our Drift Ride Along event.

My boss allowed me step away from my duty to take one ride and I was thrilled! Thank you!





I couldn’t contain my excitement and I must say, it was the best experience of my life.

I literally felt like I was in a roller coaster. My tummy turned like I was dropping from a high drop as we turned corners and sped through the track!

Thanks Corey for the ride!





Know how to REALLY drive a car!


@FredricAasbo THE WINNER OF #FDTX!!!


I had to take a photo with him, been wanting to all season but never got a chance! Two first place wins this season and in Irwindale, I hope he gets the #Championship!




Don’t mind my face, I’m just too tired, but I was really ecstatic for this photo!

 Thanks Tommy! Congratulations Fredric!



Gordon from Scion was kind enough to bring me a bottle of bubbly so I shared it with the girls!

Jessica did the honors. Just like me, she LOVES champagne.

Erica & Sadie drank a bit… they like the other stuff.




We of course saved a glass for Gordon and we were done with the bottle.

The nice guy that Gordon is, he brought us two more!

Thank you G!





Know how to pop your own champagne.

I gotta get over the fear and learn!