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It wasn’t me!

I wasn’t driving!

Bear Baby had JUST pulled out of a parking spot and started to move forward when he noticed the BMW was pulling out as we were still in the aisle. He tried to step on the accelerator but it was too late, as the BMW had clipped my butt with their passenger side rear bumper.

I couldn’t believe my bumper fell off. Even more weird is that lego piece looking thing under my bumper in the photo right below was Styrofoam.

Why the fuck is there Styrofoam internally in my car. :/

Obviously, it’s not our fault.

I felt bad for the girls in the car because they called a Korean Taxi to drive their car home and this happened.

Oh well, I’m just glad it wasn’t me! :P

This car is becoming a nuisance.

Bear Baby, can I please get a new car now?



I refuse to drive my car like this, so now I’m driving Bear Baby’s car everywhere.

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Fish Out Of Water

I haven’t been to Neiman Marcus, Saks and Barney’s is such a long time.

I was asked to join a friend and of course I said yes!

Any reason to be around anything to do with spending money is my favorite past time!

I didn’t spend a dollar because OBVIOUSLY I’m in NO place to spend money.

So I just browsed and took #selfies.

Oh and of course, be the good friend and tell them my honest truth about what they were trying on.

I must say, I didn’t remember which was where and where to go for what.

We browsed in this order:

NM, Saks & Barney’s.

I even wore heels because our plan was to do dinner in the area after.

I felt awkward being in an unfamiliar surrounding. It may have been in my head because I just worry too much but I swear every employee was staring and judging.

I know how these SAs work. I don’t shop there, I don’t frequent so they stare and make comments to each other.

I enjoy my online shopping where it’s judgment free. Of course if I had a truck load of money to spend, I’d spend my free time there, buying things. Everything.

I felt uncomfortable. I haven’t purchased anything super expensive in so long.

The last time I was in Saks was when I bought my Manolo Blahnik’s I wore for Jo’s wedding. I actually bought the shoes back in 2006. Eight years ago. O.O

Last time I was in NM? At Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I was living in Coto de Caza and married. A different life.

It’s been a while and I didn’t feel like I belonged. I would eventually like to feel comfortable at the mall again but not until I can buy stuff. I don’t like to eye shop. It’s like foreplay and no climax.

I guess I’ll see you when I see you, shopping mall!

The best part about hanging out was that I got to see her new 4 series Gran Coupe! It’s sofa king gorgeous!



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Whenever Tyler falls asleep in the backseat of my car, I feel bad that he has to wake up to a sore neck. Another important factor is that when he leans over to the center, it is not safe if I were to get into an accident!

I saw this deal and had to share to all the mommies!

This is perfect for our children!

Auto Seat-Belt Pillow


be a kid, bv, cars, family, how to, mommy stuff, part time mommy, relationships, single parent, tyler, tylerboy, ventures, violet kim, vip, vityl




I’ll be honest. It was easy for me to forget that I was a mom when Tyler went back to my ex for the week. Lately, I miss home so much as soon as he leaves and what makes it worse is that he is growing so fast.

I love spending time with him but I wish I had more.

I need to move to OC ASAP!