Replacing my bumper…

Nobody really knows this, but I got into a wreck few weeks ago and my license plate flew off. Luckily the person I hit went back to the scene (in the middle of the intersection) and picked up my plate for me.

My #swarovski crystal plate frame was completely ruined. There were already missing stones from other fender benders. :/ I decided now, I’ll have to get a new one.

My front plates will look shiny and fresh! Can’t wait!

Make sure you get the AB stones, they are they ones that are iridescent. :)



Not Cool

Because this purse does not have a full enclosing option, every time I break hard in my car, the purse falls to the floor and everything falls out. Luckily this time, it didn’t. I should really learn to drive more carefully.



Again, we visited the LA Auto Show.

I used to love going to the auto show with my parents as a kid and I want to create that memory with my son so he can look back to his childhood and remember the things we used to do.

He always has fun since he loves to sit in the cars and look at big shiny things! :)

Dead Battery

Thank god it wasn’t the hybrid battery!

I woke up one day at 4:30am to go to the gym. My car wouldn’t start so I took my husband’s car. That evening I called AAA and they jump started it for me. I knew it would work the next day but my husband assumed it did and he planned on taking his car to work. Stupid I tell ya.

I ended up taking him to work that am and he was late. Not my fault.

Luckily my parents own an auto parts store so I picked up a battery that day and my husband replaced it that night. The next day my car was brand new! Well, kind of. :P

@ApexOneOfficial Premiere

A friend I met in the car industry from social media was in town for their movie premiere and invited me to watch the film at the Arc Light Theater in Hollywood. I was more than excited to attend and see the history of hyper cars!

I had work earlier in the day, so I finished work and met my friend and his business partner at the theater. We then went to the Hollywood Roosevelt where the after party was held. I saw Mr. Koenigsegg himself and a bunch of other auto people. It was such a cool experience and the film wasn’t bad either! ;)

Of course with my luck, my pantyhose starting running when my work day started. I even stopped by CVS to get clear nail polish but when I got back to the office to fix it, the damn bottle was empty. What fucking luck!

Mod Take Shift Dress
Gucci Boots
Yves Salomon Fox Fur Vest (1st photo)
Richard Tyler Couture Leather Trench (later photo)






Photoshooting in #VIPRIUS

I love the timer setting on the camera and thanks to my iPhone holder, it makes doing photoshoots in my car THAT much easier. :)

I got mine on Amazon for free through a deal that my friend posted, tried to locate it for you but that was years ago so it’s not available anymore. But lucky for you, I found something very similar.

I use this to Facetime in my car during traffic with friends and to do my daily #QuestionoftheDay videos.

It’s sturdy and so practical for me. It’s def. used every day. :)

If you want to be able to take hands-free photos in your car, you need this in your life.

At first, I was embarrassed because it looks like I don’t have bluetooth in my vehicle and I need this, but this is just a holder and I don’t care anymore. Using it for Facetime in the ams with TA and in the evenings with JL and Jo, make it all worthwhile.

iOttie Easy One Touch Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder







@ScionRacing #DTLA #SEMA

Last year we attended the pre-SEMA Scion event and it was only proper to attend it again this year. Also, I can’t seem to stay away from open bar situations.

The night ended up a mess and I drank a bit too much. Maybe open bars are not such a great idea.

Either way, the event was fun, as always, way more guys and girls. Always good to see faces I don’t get to see often unless I’m at a car event. :)