Photoshooting in #VIPRIUS

I love the timer setting on the camera and thanks to my iPhone holder, it makes doing photoshoots in my car THAT much easier. :)

I got mine on Amazon for free through a deal that my friend posted, tried to locate it for you but that was years ago so it’s not available anymore. But lucky for you, I found something very similar.

I use this to Facetime in my car during traffic with friends and to do my daily #QuestionoftheDay videos.

It’s sturdy and so practical for me. It’s def. used every day. :)

If you want to be able to take hands-free photos in your car, you need this in your life.

At first, I was embarrassed because it looks like I don’t have bluetooth in my vehicle and I need this, but this is just a holder and I don’t care anymore. Using it for Facetime in the ams with TA and in the evenings with JL and Jo, make it all worthwhile.

iOttie Easy One Touch Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder







@ScionRacing #DTLA #SEMA

Last year we attended the pre-SEMA Scion event and it was only proper to attend it again this year. Also, I can’t seem to stay away from open bar situations.

The night ended up a mess and I drank a bit too much. Maybe open bars are not such a great idea.

Either way, the event was fun, as always, way more guys and girls. Always good to see faces I don’t get to see often unless I’m at a car event. :)












Friday Night Drive

Now that Tyler has started school, I drive all the way to Rancho Mission Viejo after work.

The exit is Crown Valley Parkway, freaking far! Especially from Westwood. I take the 405 all the way down and in about 15 miles.

Thank God the drive isn’t as bad since I get off at 6pm. I can’t wait until metro makes the carpool lane a toll road on the 405… well by then I won’t be leaving from Westwood. :/

It’s nice to have Tyler for the extra night since I have to drop him off on Sunday.




When we got to NY, we were picked up by Uber and he had the coolest sign for his car. I had never seen it in LA and I wished that all Uber drivers had the illuminating logo on their windshield.

How cool is it that we can spot the car from afar! All uber logos should be illuminating. How can we make this happen, #UberLA???


Life in the OC

Every time I pick up Tyler or drop him off I drive by the neighborhood that we used to live. Coto de Caza. Tyler was born in Orange County and he was raised in the area for the first year and a half. It’s crazy to be there so often again because I’m reminded about how far I used to live! I can’t believe I lived so far 10 years ago and no wonder my parents never came to visit! Or my friends.

Eventually I would like to live in south OC again but I’m enjoying my career and LA lifestyle too much to think about it now. I’d have to NOT be working. :P


Is it just me…

Or do other people find it really annoying to fill up the gas tank. Because I drive so much, I find it more annoying than most probably.

I really thing a service where a vehicle with gas come to your home when necessary to fill up would be efficient and successful. Maybe I just need an electric vehicle? :P


Driving Skill

I was in my car dying from the heat because I was wearing black pants. I needed to change asap but I was on the freeway. I challenged myself to see if I could change into my shorts while driving. To my surprise, I was able to do it. Of course the road started to get a little congested so it was easier. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I was going 80 mph. :)

The sun penetrating into my car was just so unbearable, I had to try.



Kids or No Kids? @RecaroKIDS

I have Tyler’s Recaro Booster Seat and wondering if I should sell it.

Tyler’s Recaro carseat was given to my cousin since she had two boys after me and I obviously didn’t have use for them. I don’t know when I’ll have kids again… but I know it won’t be anytime soon!

RECARO Performance BOOSTER High Back Booster Car Seat


The other night…

We had a work event and dinner after. I managed to be responsible and not have anything to drink at dinner. I love that Palm Desert has a Mastro’s! :)

Driving home alone from #PalmSprings at 10:30pm was relaxing. I turned on my #SiriuslySinatra and cruised all the way home.