@PolarGlobal #Balance #MustHave

I was jelly of #fitbit since they had a matching scale to go with the activity tracker, but now, NOT NO MORE!

Polar Global has designed a scale to sync with my activity tracker and blah blah blah…

I haven’t weighed myself in a while and I’d love to get this scale to get my fitness regimen going again. It’s white and pretty too. :P

Polar Balance
Polar Balance

I love my @PolarGlobal Loop 2! #swarovski

Not only do I love things that are white, but also products that sparkle and efficient. This new Polar Loop vibrates when it needs me to take a walk, get a call, calendar invite, morning alarms and notifications. I would die without it!

Polar Loop Crystal Activity Tracker




I’ve had this bag since four boyfriends ago. I’ve been using it as my gym bag and it’s been great but the other day I forgot to close my water bottle cap tightly so everything spilled causing it to smell like a dirty rag.

I hate the smell of a dirty rag. Reminds me of this Chinese guy I went on a date with and his face smelled like it cause his towel at home did. Disgusting.

Now I have to trash it. I guess it’s a good thing… you would too if you knew who I got this from.