@FrankSinatra’s 100th Birthday Concert

I love Frank Sinatra and I was so bummed that I did NOT make it to the Hollywood Bowl this summer for his 100th birthday celebration. BUT… Bear got me tickets to the event on his actual 100th birthday on December 12th!!!

Even though I was a little bummed that it wasn’t a pair of Manolo pumps or a Chanel/Hermes accessory, I am so thankful to have gotten this gift.

I love standards and I love the 50’s and 60’s. This is something I will never forget and I cannot wait!!! He got me the best seats, right in the center, 8 rows back or whatever in orchestra section!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Work Work Work

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” Confucius

The funny thing is, I’ve heard the quote many times in my life and I never thought anything of it.

I didn’t know I’d end up where I am today but each day is such a pleasure and I don’t feel like I’m working for a paycheck. This job chose me and I would have never imagined myself in this line of career but I can’t imagine doing and or being anything else.

Life is just too simply weird and sometimes, we just have to go with it.

Wedding Day

Photographs by the talented @MichelleKimPhoto!

We rented a shuttle since most of the people were from out of town. We met at our apartment in DTLA and shuttled everyone to El Matador Beach in Malibu for our private ceremony.


#SelfieStick came in handy!


I, of course, had to get into my Nike Internationalist in Silver to hike down the mountain.









IMG_2880The weather was gloomy but apparently it works best in photos so I wasn’t too mad. Well, except that I had my hair blowing everywhere and ruining photos!

I was freezing and was glad I brought my Yves Salomon Raccoon Fur coat (similar)
to stay warm.

We then headed to Moonshadows in Malibu for brunch before heading to the hotel for our reception.

Everyone took a nap… :P





I cried my eyes out… most of the people shed a tear… I must say, my vows were pretty amazing.

I felt so nervous about reading it and it took about a minute of me laughing and hesitating before I started but once I got going, I couldn’t stop tearing.

I’ll read my vows one day and make a video… so you can all enjoy!


We visited out wedding venue in Malibu. Bear had found this location on Google and decided that it would be best to get married on the beach with our family and officiant. The cost is free but it’s a hike to climb back up after the ceremony. It’s a bit dangerous and shoes will not be necessary, only when we’re going down the mountain/stairs and on the way up.  The beach is so gorgeous and I’m so glad that we’ll have a beautiful backdrop in our photos. Michelle Kim will be our photographer. We initially wanted her when we were first planning but when we had decided not to do a full blown wedding, we opted not to have one. Luckily my dress is short so I won’t have an issue with getting it dirty for the reception! :)



Stars Line Up pt. 2

I went to go see her again. The Korean Astrologist. Due to my bad memory, I couldn’t remember what she shared with me from the last visit but as I listened this time, it was all coming back to me.

This time around I paid an extra $40 and had Bear’s astrology/fortune explained to me.

It’s funny how she is so spot on about things. As I mentioned before, the information she provides is our fate. Our characteristics, behaviors and certain choices. Of course, the journey we take in our lives have everything to do with the road we which to take.

She didn’t remember me from the last visit and she seems to be giving me similar information. I didn’t disclose last time but I will in this post. She warned me about getting into a fatal car accident and I would be in danger of getting into a wreck having to deal with vehicles. She advised me to sell my motorcycle at the time and told me to be very cautious. I did end up selling my bike, for financial and safety reasons.

She also told me that this year will be a bad year for me and that I need to be mindful of the things I choose to do or not do. She told me to drive carefully, especially.

She also mentioned the lack of patience I had, she told me that I rush into decisions too quickly and that I need to take a moment to step back and evaluate before making a decision. She told me my character traits which seems to be spot on.

She told me about Bear’s character trait that was also right on the money.

Remember, I only gave her my name, birthday, time I was born and my phone number. As for Bear, I only gave his birthday and time he was born. For all I know, she assumed he was Korean.

The point of this session was to see if I was on the right track, apparently Bear was destined to marry me and she even went as far as saying that he needed to get married last year (2014) or in 2015. :)

This lady only speaks Korean and even I needed my friend to help translate a lot of things so if you’re not Korean, I suggest you take a translator. If you’ll like her info, email me and I’ll send you her number.

Again, the best $100 I’ve ever spent!

to read my previous post about my first visit with the astrologer, click here


#DoingJim #LookFitNaked


Without him, I’d be lost and fat and not maintaining my muscle. I’ve slowed down because my schedule has been super busy the past two weeks. Went from seeing Brent twice in one week to once. http://www.lookfitnaked.com http://instagram.com/lookfitnaked

Faux Fun

While over the friend’s place, she told me to check something out. She pulled out this ring out of her box and I freaked. Of course it’s CZ, but it was so gorgeous and sparkly.

I told her I’d borrow it. :)

It’s really HUGE and possibly so obvious that it’s faux but I don’t care!

Alette’s Emerald Cut CZ Engagement Ring

Others by #RubyStella





I don’t think I ever want a ring that big. I’d rather have that money for a car. :P

#PSA @PerrierJouet

I’m sorry, I got confused…

It states #Jeroboam on the carton but on the link it states #DoubleMagnum.

I forgot about the double magnum so I assumed it was a #Jeroboam. I thought I had it wrong, but it does state #Jeroboam on the case. Guess I wasn’t wrong and this PSA was not necessary.

I didn’t want to look like a dumbass, calling the bottle a #Jeroboam when it was clearly a #doublemagnum. I guess it’s only a double magnum if it’s a wine.


IMG_7402For champagne, it’s a #Jeroboam. Also, my math was completely off. I was thinking 3 liters and assumed double that for how many bottles. It’s actually only four bottles of champagne in the #Jeroboam and not six. My math really sucks.

Here are some diagrams for ease.


know your shit.

@MyFitFoods #MustTry

Healthy eating done easy and right! They have food prepared for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Small and large are available and the prices range from $5-$10.

All are within the right amount of calories and nutritional value.

This place is heaven for people trying to be fit and healthy. Also for those trying to lose weight.


My favorite is the lime cilantro turkey. It’s simply delicious!