Poke Poke #Lipotropic

Got a Groupon deal and got my first shot today. Back to my old habits…

I got my BMI and all sorts of info.

I”m not as fat as I thought I was! Or maybe I am. My BMI is 20%!

$49 for a Weight-Loss Package with Lipotropic Injections and Pills at Pasadena Weight Loss MD ($120 Value)

(click above for exact deal I purchased!)

This place seemed a bit sketchy but once I was there I liked the no hassle policy.

They took my info, weight and poke! I was done!


Got some pills to swallow too!


No pain, No Gain.

Seriously though, no pain.



I’ll see you next week!

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Family Activities

I get sad about the films that are in theaters.

There are never ANY great ones that I can take my son to watch.

The ones that are PG are torturous for me and the ones that are PG13 are way too violent/sexual and other inappropriate things.

This weekend, I wanted to take Tyler to the movies but it seems like the only thing available to watch is Planes.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I really want to see Lucy because I’m a fan of Scarlet Johansson but the film is rated R.


Which films will be you watching in the near future?

BTW, #fandango is my go to movie ticket source.

Get 20% off $25 Fandango Gift Cards when you use your Visa Signature card.

Fandango - Movie Tickets Online


Stopped by Dino’s, the best place for chicken!

He wanted Lucky Boy’s, I suggested Panda Express Innovation Kitchen, Myung Dong, Dino’s, The Dragon, McDonalds and In N Out.

I just let him surprise me because I couldn’t decide.

The trick is to not let me have a choice and not tell me beforehand because I will change your mind.

Bear Baby picked Dino’s!!!

We got the DUI & the Chicken plate. Wanted quesadilla but this location didn’t have it.




#Thinspiration #DW @LuluLemon

I love camo as you already know. I had to get some motivational pieces.

Energy Bra
Wunder Under Pant
Flow Y Bra IV

All in Savasana Camo 20cm New Black

Thanks to the Lululemon gift card I got, I was able to spend it on something worthwhile and not just crap.

I’ve been eyeing the site for women’s camo gear. They came out with a men’s a while back and I guess they just realized that camo is #unisex!




I decided to wear my Sergio Rossi’s out last night. They’re a bit fancy but I really don’t think I put them to use.

I get the inspiration from Dorothy Wang from #RKOBH, she’s always wearing fancy heels with casual clothes.

I love this betch! She’s so amazing! Total #fangirl here.

I need to wear my fancy shoes more often.

No point in saving them for a special event/night. Since I don’t have many of those.

I hate wearing heels, but I’ll wear them to a party!