One random night… can’t remember when since I wait too long to blog.

I have all these photos uploaded to post but I never get around to it…

Either way, we ended up at Continental Club and enjoyed listening to Standards and discussing life.


While my gf was going here, we just went around doing random stuff. One of the days, we went to DTLA to go to World Jewlerly, but St. Vincent was closed and we weren’t able to get in. We did however hop into the other stores that were open to check out diamonds and rings. :)

Valentine’s Day List

MZ Wallace ‘Metro’ Quilted Oxford Nylon Backpack – Black

Annick Goutal Petite Cherie Candle

FAURE LE PAGE Small Gun Pochette/Wristlet


Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet 16 Combo Pack

UV Total Recovery Shoe Sanitizer

#HNY #2016

We had a quiet celebration this year… we actually sat around after dinner for an extra hour just to experience the countdown at the restaurant. I only made reservations to L.A. Prime assuming it wasn’t a prix fixe menu, but it was. And almost $400 later, we went home.

I only wanted to be there because of the view. And their menu is good, their prix fixe was okay. I wasn’t even in the mood to drink. (I realized after my second drink)

Happy 2016 everyone, hope you all partied safely while my old ass went straight to bed when I got home. :P


Our date for the tour finally came around and we got to experience the unforgettable exhibits at The Broad Museum!!! This museum was exceptional and I suggest everyone to go visit The Broad if you can get tickets.

We were also able to get a peek into the Infinity Room (for ONLY 45 seconds!!!!) but well worth the short amount of time! The room was spectacular and super visually appealing. I didn’t want to leave!


Again, we visited the LA Auto Show.

I used to love going to the auto show with my parents as a kid and I want to create that memory with my son so he can look back to his childhood and remember the things we used to do.

He always has fun since he loves to sit in the cars and look at big shiny things! :)