#BNO Boobies Night Out

Our friend Hana was attending an opening reception for Werkartz and we decided to join in. Free booze and drink, I’m there!

We got there early and arrived in Uber of course, we were a bit lost but finally arrived.

Grabbed a drink, sat and talked. Tried to network but there were too many people and I only knew Hana, Joanna and Tina.

JO on her new iphone case from Korean. Ridiculously wrong, but so cute!


Our friend HANA…



Trying to take arts shots of Jo’s Louboutins! #FAILED 



The Werkartz Studio was amazing! And the people I did get to meet were too.


There was a wall covered in mirrors so of course we took #selfies!

IMG_6468 IMG_6469


Joanna & Tina!


All I ate at the party. :P


Phototime with the white backdrop!

IMG_6472 IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6475


Then we headed over to our usual late HH, EMC! Bottle (oh it was two) of rose.

IMG_6477 IMG_6480IMG_6485


And then, that happened. Dropped the toilet paper roll. Luckily I was able to get a handful before it fell!

IMG_6487 IMG_6488


Why so worried???

IMG_6494 IMG_6495


And me!


Short night out… I needed it.

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#MustHave @BedBathBeyond!





We got two $25 gift cards from my cousin and her family and a $10 gift card from Bear’s optometry rebate so we decided to get new towels (finally) and a toaster (oven).

Toaster oven was way overpriced #BedBathandBeyond so we just got two bath towels.

Super soft, super white and a great deal!

We’ll be getting the toaster oven on #Amazon.


Life as an adult gets more difficult since there aren’t enough days in a month to see everyone I love.

I make it a point to always hang out with the important people in my life.

I give the effort that is put in towards me.

With that said, my cousin and her family are a part of my family that I love to see and hang out with.

They’ve invited us to their home for dinner and fun numerous times and we wanted to return the favor by having them over after Bear’s move.

We ordered KC BBQ (Bear’s favorite restaurant). Go to PigletVentures for all the food photos!

Kids played and adults talked, laughed and drank a whittle. :P











We had so much fun and too much food! I couldn’t stop eating and I had ramen after they left!

I woke up… Too many pounds on the scale.

I need to do Jim but I just want to eat all day.

#MustTry #snacking

Tyler loves Takis and he found this at the Korean market.

He wanted to try and secretly I did to.


At Ralph’s I found this.

I have a new jar of salsa at home so I didn’t get but I must next time!

I’ve been trying to be good about not buying excessive things after reason my friend’s blog about no waste living.



Went to the Guess Factory store at their corporate office again and found this shirt. Don’t worry, I didn’t purchase it. :P

In memory of my license plate on my first car!



I bought some stuff but got changed back into my #DW…


I originally went there to look for more of those damn v necks that I love!!!

Of course they didn’t have any.

I am on the search!

THANK YOU @Equinox

Someone thought of me when signing up and I got a gc from #equinox!

Thank you! #equinoxmademedoit!

If you want a week or day pass, send me your email and I can get you one!

If you’re thinking of signing up, please use my name for referral! Thanks!




Turned @ConnectDTLA

First event coverage.

I could’ve been better, but oh well.

I should’ve had drinks after getting on the camera, lesson learned.

Why Asian Women Should Date White Men

Or black, Brown, purple, yellow and green!

Who the fuck was that nincompoop that decided it would be funny to write that article.

Apparently he was white and he was joking. I don’t know what kind of category of humor that falls into but it caused a lot of commotion and it was not funny.

Sheesh, it even riled me up!

I saw the post on Facebook and from just the title, I had to read it.

After the first two paragraphs, I skimmed the rest and reposted with my opinion.

#ThoughtCatalog has some great published stuff but this was alarming. Made me second guess their content.

I believe we’re all a little racist, not because we have hatred but because it’s human nature and it can be funny.

Learning to deal with racism is to laugh it off, don’t take it too seriously.

It’s not right nor is it wrong. It is what it is. And yes, little by little we can rid racism but not by writing articles like the one that was published.

Human nature… It’s a funny thing.

It’s like being born and knowing you’re going to grow up and fuck another human being.

There are those who like to fuck goats and dogs and horses and so on, is it wrong or right? It’s neither, people do as they please no matter the judgement.

Racism exists because we’re all different and it’s ok.

It’s ok if you’re into animal sex, you’ll still be judged like the racist in the room. At the end of the day, it’s your choice to be seen in that light or not. Most like to be secretive.

There are times when I can be racist, but not because I hate that race or wish them to die. I’m racist because I’m comfortable with who I am and I know I can joke about it amongst my friends and not be taken seriously.

I can take offensive jokes too. Just last week, a white guy said I had chinky eyes. That is one thing I do not have, but he was stereotyping and trying to be funny. (You had to be there for the full convo). I wasn’t offended. I took it at face value and didn’t think anything of it.

It’s acceptable if you’re accepting of the fact that it’s not coming from a bad place. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are actually racist but they’re too busy scheming about killing off the other race hiding in their basement in buttfuck Egypt.

So back to the article. I was offended because I’m not the typical Asian girl he described that only date white men nor is my fiancé the white guy who has yellow fever.

He was my first white boyfriend and I happened to fall in love with who he was and not the color of his skin.

I was never into white men ‘y preference was Asian Korean. I was narrow minded and ignorant. Never thought I could have anything in common with a white man nor a black or brown.

When I first met Bear I thought he had yellow fever and boy was I glad he wasn’t one of those.

After our first date I knew that I had been in the wrong. It’s not about the color, height, financial stability or package size that makes a person want to spend the rest of their lives with someone.

It’s who they are, how they were brought up, similar interests, common goals and communication.

I never thought I’d marry a white guy. Especially after only dating Korean man. I even married one and that didn’t work out.

I learn everyday because I’m with Bear. I have opened my mind about the possibilities of life outside of what I know and what I grew up with.

I love my decision and I wouldn’t have it any way.

For those who think it’s a stepping stool to get the #whiteprivileges by marrying a white man, you are delusional.

Feel free to date and marry whomever you like. Nobody cares and if they do you shouldn’t care.

Find your soulmate, find the person who understands you, do yourself a favor and love yourself first before really knowing what you can love.

Because once you know you, you’re not going to want what you think you wanted.

Racism only exists in those that want to make it a big deal.

To the rest, it’s just a bunch of words coming from a buffoon.

The only thing you should take seriously is your own life and who you decide will be in it.

If we’re going to get a step closer to world peace, all of you retards talking about racists and racism should shut the fuck up…and marry a person with a different ethnicity.

Once we’re all muts, we’ll all be happy cause we will all be one kind.

Happy Living!



@ConnectDTLA @ChynnaDTLA

What a great turnout! A huge congratulations to my hubby who gathered an awesome crowd!

Amazing artists and great music, food and drinks.

I was working so I didn’t drink but I sure did enjoy the night behind the camera.

Hubby asked me to do interviews but if I needed to do the videography, I couldn’t be in front of camera…

So I ended up being behind the camera and having the artists and sponsors do shoutouts.

I had Tyler waiting for me at home so I left before the party started. Just made sure my work was done.

Promo video coming soon!




Friday Night

We were at my place and them the earthquake happened.

Bear wanted to go home and make sure that alcoholnothing fell over.

Nothing fell over.

We grabbed a banana milk each and headed back home.




We stopped by The Pie Hole of course and on the way I noticed this cool street art.

I asked Bear to stop so I could take photos!


#humpday @LeKaRestaurant

Met some new friends last night and for once I was the token Asian in the group.

Bear’s friend from college had recently moved to LA and happened to be in DTLA last night.

They had already eaten and wanted to grab drinks so we ate while they drank.


I thought I was amongst all white people, but the girl happened to be Armenian. All the boys agreed she was white since she had blonde hair. Could have fooled me!

We all laughed and had a great time while poking fun at stereotypes. It was nice to meet new people and be able to connect instantly and not be awkward.

It was different from any other night because we were with Bear’s friend. All the time, we’re with my friends and I always felt bad.

Hopefully we can all hang out again…

Hope your #humpday was just as fun!


OH and I learned something new : click here




Why I Haven’t Moved In

I’ve done everything the other way and it didn’t work out. Not that doing the opposite may have made it work, but it doesn’t hurt to go against the grain.

I believe I did something extraordinary. I went the complete opposite of what I ever wanted, tried and am used to.

Look at me now, I’m engaged to be married to the love of my life because I’ve stepped out of my comfort.

I know moving in with Bear won’t change anything, but I look forward to the day after the wedding.

I have a bright future ahead of me and I want it to be perfect.

I truly believed that all couples should live together before getting married, but now I think couples should not.

If you’re truly in love and you both have respect for each other (which most couples these days lack) then moving in the day after the wedding will make it that much more special.

Living together already makes us feel like we’re married.

“If you can get the milk for free, why pay for the cow?”

Marriage symbolizes union. The union of two people coming together to live, love and communicate.

I think of myself to be traditional and for once I’m doing what I feel is right.

There are times when you know something isn’t going to work but you just do it anyway. And there are times you know something is going to work but you just wait because it’ll eventually happen. No need to rush.

I look forward to our wedding day.

Whenever that’ll be… we haven’t even set a date!



Don’t be the cow giving out free milk. :P

What is love? #QualityTime

I had to come to Bear’s for a car emergency and I had not slept over since Sunday night.

I came into his place in the middle of him having a conversation with his former boss. I’m listening to the conversation and I feel left out.

I wasn’t here last night so I didn’t get to share the moment after work were we sit and all about our days. I now have to hear about it like as if I’m a fly on a wall. Well he is still making eye contact. ;) That’s love. :)

I’m waiting for him to get off the phone so I can watch the dvr get things taken care of.

Quality time is necessary. I need to see him everyday. A strong healthy relationship deserves nothing less.

It’s like work. You put in the work, you get results. :)

Unless you hate that fuckerperson you have to spend time with.

Everyday. Quality time.

I love you Bear!

Visit to @JustRideLA



Domino Denim
Nike Flyknit
Yves Salomon Fox Fur Vest
Blair’s Flannel
White Burnout Tee

Shop through Ebates or Mr. Rebates!


Bear went shopping for a bicycle at Just Ride LA on Saturday and I found one that I wanted. Not that I would be the one cycling. I just want to sit in the back basket while Bear drives. :)

He got a deal on Livingsocial for a $100 credit for… I don’t remember. It was a good deal, good enough because Bear purchased it.

Once he gets a bicycle he’ll be riding it to work and back. My little Bear on a bike!





I wanted a tandem bike, but he’d be doing all the work. Just like the photo below. :)