#BirthdayWorkOut @Equinox

I decided to give myself the gift of sweating and feeling good. Something no one else can offer me. Wait, maybe Bear Baby. :P

I finally did an hour of the stair master and Orange is the New Black helped me mostly. I needed to find another show like Entourage for me to do my cardio and I have been searching and flipping from one app to the other.

FINALLY! I remember asking Bear Baby to watch it with me before and he refused. I decided to give it a shot by myself. I’m obsessed.







I didn’t do my usual 600+ calories but I sure did enough for starting new!



do jim a lot

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Weekly Poke

I have been feeling extremely tired the past 3 weeks and I realized why.

I’ve been missing my lipo b12 complex shots and I’ve been suffering!

I remembered to go today and I must go back next week before I leave for Texas.

“Lipotropic” Deals in Los Angeles

My location: Pasadena Weight Loss

Now that I’m one shot away from my last, they have a deal. Purchase 6 injections at $15 and get 15% off!






For the fourth time in my life.

1st time was a home invasion. 2nd time I got mugged. 3rd time was a break in into my garage and car in my home. Today was the 4th.

I walked down to the garage to go to work and I noticed my trunk wide open. We have tandem parking and since my car has been out of commission, the CC has been parked behind my Prius. I thought either Bear Baby had left it open or the bumper sitting in my back seat and truck pushed the trunk open because it was pushing against it. Doesn’t really happen that way but getting broken in was the last thing on my mind.

As I walked closer, I saw the tool pouch on the floor. I came to the trunk and checked the box I had in the back with a computer monitor and other things. The computer monitor was still there. It WAS under the bumper so they probably didn’t have time. I closed the trunk and went to the front seat. Everything was thrown around all my sunglasses and eyeglasses. I stopped touching and got out and called Bear Baby.

I didn’t want to mess anything up for the cops when they came for the police report. I’ve had this happen before so I didn’t want to tamper and get the fingerprints smudged.

Now I’m waiting for the police. My Maximus VIPRIUS is having a lot of problems recently.