@RubyStellaInc, Can’t Live Without

Life just isn’t complete without #RUBYSTELLA pieces.

This is my go to gift for my friends because I feel that every girl or gay boy should have one #staple from #RubyStella.

Their jewelry is timeless and aside from it being so fierce (insert other positive adjectives), it’s necessary to have and wear every day with your #ootd and #ootn.

What I love most about their simple floating heart and butterfly pieces are that they are reflective and it stands out so much in photos, snaps and in person.

This is the best first starter piece while you save your money for the rest of their stunning work of arts!



Happy Belated Birthday @PinkTerry & TinaAKABabyT

We met for dinner for their belated birthday dinner. JL is in NY so she could NOT join.:(

I was suppose to facetime her but we ended up waiting forever at Hanjip and the plan was to do it when we all got seated.

We couldn’t wait any longer so we hopped over to Honey’s Kettle around the corner and had dinner there. Which I felt so bad about, it was pretty janky.

Happy birthday T & T!!!






#DoingJim @Equinox

I’ve been very proud of myself lately. I’ve been #doingjim on my days off and even sometimes before work. IDK what triggered it but one day I decided not to force myself back to sleep after waking up at 4:30am. I’ve been pigging out without care lately and I have noticed a significant change in my body and physical condition.

This is a new thing for me. Actually working out to mentally be a better human being, not just for physicality. :)





@SeoulSausage #MondayFunday #DayDrinking #DTLA

My Mondays are my Sundays. I brunch with lots of alcohol and end up passing out and being hungover on the same day. Well, not every Monday, but often times.

This time we had a bunch of us that we kept calling over. We met Randy at 1pm at the new Seoul Sausage in DTLA and didn’t leave until 5pm. We kept eating and drinking and drinking and eating. If you haven’t been, please be sure to check it out because the food is same but different and better than W. LA. :P

The best part about this place? It’s empty on a Monday and the bar is FULL!

Thanks Yong for my shirt! Now I can cover your shift any time!









@FrankSinatra’s 100th Birthday Concert

I love Frank Sinatra and I was so bummed that I did NOT make it to the Hollywood Bowl this summer for his 100th birthday celebration. BUT… Bear got me tickets to the event on his actual 100th birthday on December 12th!!!

Even though I was a little bummed that it wasn’t a pair of Manolo pumps or a Chanel/Hermes accessory, I am so thankful to have gotten this gift.

I love standards and I love the 50’s and 60’s. This is something I will never forget and I cannot wait!!! He got me the best seats, right in the center, 8 rows back or whatever in orchestra section!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


#DoingJim @Equinox #DTLA

I made it to the gym!!! After work too! I must try to go every day. I have to. Although my inner hip hurts 10 minutes into my stairmaster. I have to figure out what that area is called and find a stretch for that area. I’ve tried everything to stretch it out, but I just can’t!

Polar Loop BlackCurrant (Purple) Activity Tracker with H7 Transmitter






#MustHave @JoannaPark

I was making a return at #F21 and I had to get this for Jo.

First I saw donuts and I thought of her and then it just happened to be pink. When he removed what was siting on top I saw what it said, “Donut Care”, the perfect tote for Jo when she’s grocery shopping. :)

I got this in Irvine at the Spectrum and I don’t know why they would need these bags since it’s only LA where we have to bring out own grocery bags…

Either way, too cute for $2.90!

Donut Shopper Tote


Baby Got Back @GoJanedotcom

My boss had a pair of earrings on a while ago that I loved. A large pearl was sitting on the back of her ear and the front was a stud. I never asked her where she got if from but I came across it finally!

Love these earrings, so ladylike and pretty! I just hope I don’t get a rash since it’s not real gold.

Baby Got Backdrop Earrings
Boxed In Faux Pearl Backdrop Earrings


Life in the OC

Every time I pick up Tyler or drop him off I drive by the neighborhood that we used to live. Coto de Caza. Tyler was born in Orange County and he was raised in the area for the first year and a half. It’s crazy to be there so often again because I’m reminded about how far I used to live! I can’t believe I lived so far 10 years ago and no wonder my parents never came to visit! Or my friends.

Eventually I would like to live in south OC again but I’m enjoying my career and LA lifestyle too much to think about it now. I’d have to NOT be working. :P


Driving Skill

I was in my car dying from the heat because I was wearing black pants. I needed to change asap but I was on the freeway. I challenged myself to see if I could change into my shorts while driving. To my surprise, I was able to do it. Of course the road started to get a little congested so it was easier. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I was going 80 mph. :)

The sun penetrating into my car was just so unbearable, I had to try.