#FieldTrip @ZodiakLA #workshop

THANK YOU David Wollock for the introduction/presentation of the company!

My professor invited me to a class trip (even though I’m not in his class) because I asked him to include me after last semester was over.

My professor, Steven Hirohama┬áis one of the best professors I’ve ever had. His networks are pretty rad too, so I definitely didn’t want to miss out on any of his outings.

He has friends from everywhere and we get to experience and learn about the business.

Unfortunately, I’m not taking a film class this semester.

Yesterday was a rare opportunity. We got to visit Zodiak in Santa Monica and hear about the company.

Zodiak is a production company, kind of like Electus, who I worked with for #KTOWN season 1 & 2.

Hearing David and his team talk clarified what I wanted to do for my career after I graduate college.

Although I already knew everything they were saying because I went through it as a talent not a producer, it was still educational.

They talked about sizzle reels, pitching, ideas, scripts and so on. We even did an exercise at the end where each group came up with an idea for a reality show for the intended network. My group chose E! and he loved my idea.

Not to be narcissistic, but I gave him my life story. He had no idea of course. I know there’s a reality show out there for me one day, or I’ll just have to finish my book sooner to get attention.

I wish I could’ve stayed longer but I had a prior dinner reservation so had to jet before being able to ‘pitch’ our show.

The company even bought us dinner, granted it was pizza and I didn’t have any, it was a very kind gesture.

It looked amazing, my mouth was watering as I watched everyone else eat.






Mastering my craft with @MaureenABrowne

Tonight was my first class at Initiative Talent Group with Maureen Brown and her skills in casting and directing hosts.

I came across her site from a google search and was hesitant on signing up but I mustered up the confidence and did it.

I was nervous and not looking forward to it all day. I have this weird fear with classes that involve working with entertainment people. Which usually subsides after the first day but still. I guess it is because I’m worried about having to deal with egos and talents and I feel incompetent and get super shy.

I got to class early so I sat in my car for an hour and a half. When I finally got there, I felt a little bit better.

Until I had to do my introduction. I don’t know why I get so nervous. I’m talking about myself! I should be the most comfortable then!

I screwed up my introduction, I didn’t even get to share all the work I’ve done on camera and how I got to where I am today.

Sitting in class and listening to everyone else, made me feel at ease.

We read our first copy in class, standing in front of everyone.

I was even more nervous.

I left the class disappointed in myself but I know that this was the right choice.

I am going to learn and break out of my comfort zone. And my nervousness.

Maureen is beautiful, eloquent and a professional.

I’m so happy that I signed up and I was able to find her on google.

I look forward to an amazing month of absorbing all knowledge she has to offer!




Easter Saturday

Saturday was spent in Santa Monica with JOh, YC and Bear.

We met at Sonoma Wine Garden (my new favorite place) and had bottles of wine with some food.






We then moved over to Ma’Kai and had two bottles of sake. I was gone by the time we were going home.




Managed to walk safely to our car and get home in one piece.




But the party didn’t stop there.

I met Jo for drinks and dancing immediately after.



Took Uber to Beer Belly, met Jo, took Uber again to Vanguard.



We got attacked by some foam crap!

We were NOT having it! Lol


In celebration of Q’s retirement!


And I met a fan.

Thanks for the photo!


I stopped drinking earlier in the night. I couldn’t hang so I had Bear pick me up when I was ready.


Date Night w/ @Hipcooks #West

Bear signed us up for a Spanish tapas cooking class with Hipcooks. He surprised me with the classes on Valentine’s day and finally the time the had come.

We both enjoy cooking so we were both excited.

We arrived early to this studio with almost a full kitchen.

Angela our teacher for the day was fun, energetic and super engaging.

It was fun to do something different with Bear.

I definitely recommend anyone who’s up for anything fun.

There were about 14 of us, some singles, mostly couples and we made several different dishes and drank sangria.

Anything with alcohol is great for me.

Spending quality time with my Bear on top of that is even better.








Summer Activity!

It’s been a hot week and I had planned on seeing the Naylors for quite some time, so weather permitted and we went swimming!

We had a blast with the kiddies and eating pizza and drinking beer.

Kids are much easier to handle when there are more than one. :)



I got a nice little tan and now I’m craving for more color!

I miss laying out.

After the day at the pool, we hung out in their home and came towards Koreatown. I had an eyelash appointment and went to dinner after with Bear.

We came back home, grabbed froyo and watched a movie.

It was a beautiful day.


Double Dating w/ @JoannaPark

We registered for the Macallan tasting in Culver City, although I was on my detox for the LA Weekly shoot tomorrow, I needed a night out with my good friend Jo and the boys.

We arrived to the event and sat through a seminar like presentation for Macallan. Reminded me of a time share meet.














We first started with a glass each, then the waitresses brought over glass after glass after glass. Next thing I knew I had 4 glasses of Macallen in front of me!

I hadn’t eaten anything since 11am and I was getting drunk!

After we went over to Sawtelle and had dinner at Seoul Sausage!


Of course we had dessert too, next door.

Check out my food porn on PigletVentures

The restroom at SS had the chalkboard so I of course had to wipe other people’s tag and write my name!