Time Of the Month

#lashes are filled again!

My monthly ritual, I’d die without it.




Tyler happened to FaceTime me when I was about to start!


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Life as an adult gets more difficult since there aren’t enough days in a month to see everyone I love.

I make it a point to always hang out with the important people in my life.

I give the effort that is put in towards me.

With that said, my cousin and her family are a part of my family that I love to see and hang out with.

They’ve invited us to their home for dinner and fun numerous times and we wanted to return the favor by having them over after Bear’s move.

We ordered KC BBQ (Bear’s favorite restaurant). Go to PigletVentures for all the food photos!

Kids played and adults talked, laughed and drank a whittle. :P











We had so much fun and too much food! I couldn’t stop eating and I had ramen after they left!

I woke up… Too many pounds on the scale.

I need to do Jim but I just want to eat all day.

#MustTry #snacking

Tyler loves Takis and he found this at the Korean market.

He wanted to try and secretly I did to.


At Ralph’s I found this.

I have a new jar of salsa at home so I didn’t get but I must next time!

I’ve been trying to be good about not buying excessive things after reason my friend’s blog about no waste living.



I get their point but it’s dumb. With all the crap people feed their kids these days, it’s smart to keep kids on track of their weight and health.

This photo is useless and doesn’t get the point across.

Don’t have your child worry about their physical health? Let them do and eat whatever they want without worrying about their weight?

Ridiculous. Always be conscious of what crap you put into your mouth and your child’s.

It’s not about weight, yes I get it but it is about keeping track of your health.


I have this on my wall…


@ConnectDTLA @ChynnaDTLA

What a great turnout! A huge congratulations to my hubby who gathered an awesome crowd!

Amazing artists and great music, food and drinks.

I was working so I didn’t drink but I sure did enjoy the night behind the camera.

Hubby asked me to do interviews but if I needed to do the videography, I couldn’t be in front of camera…

So I ended up being behind the camera and having the artists and sponsors do shoutouts.

I had Tyler waiting for me at home so I left before the party started. Just made sure my work was done.

Promo video coming soon!




What to expect when marrying a white guy…

1. Thanksgiving is awesome

2. No outlandish expectations from parents to help with the housework when visiting

3. No criticizing of any sort

4. Always encouraging

5. Gives a lot of words of affirmation

6. NO judgement

7. Christmas is more awesome

8. Communicating is easy

9. Exposed to different love languages

10. Children will be beautiful!


Having to have spent time with Bear’s family over the holidays really made me think about the kind of childhood I had.

It wasn’t bad at all, it was just different.

Growing up in a Korean family, speaking ONLY Korean in the home was great. I didn’t know anything else.

Growing up and hanging out in other Korean homes made it seem normal.

If you go over someone’s house, you offer to help and most likely they’ll be expecting you to. If you don’t help, the parents will talk shit to their child about how disrespectful you were. A. You won’t be dating them anymore B. You won’t be back at the house.

I also noticed that my natural reaction to get up and sit properly or stand if I’ve been lying down or slouching on a surface was unnecessary.

They offered me a glass of wine the first night I met them.

Over the holidays last year, I slept in til 10am, sometimes even 11:30am and nobody cared. Well, except for Bear because he wanted to hang out with me.

I caught myself doing things in the room I was staying in to make sure that it was clean and perfect just the way they had it for me when I left, but honestly, I don’t think they would have minded. I made sure to pick up any piece of hair left in the bathroom floor.

Bear’s mother made EVERYTHING from scratch. Dinner entrees, sides, desserts, pastries, breakfast, bread, EVERYTHING!

One thing I remember vividly, and the reason for this post is to point out the difference in parenting and home life.

I was helping with dinner one night and I offered to help. She asked me to cut up the vegetables. Halfway through, I asked, “is this ok?” She replied, “you’re doing a great job, thank you”.

It felt good to hear that. Honestly, if Tyler was helping me chop of vegetables I would probably tell him he’s doing it wrong and try to have him do it the way I want. I can’t remember if that’s how I grew up, but it does sound familiar in a sense that my parents were very critical of the way I did things. I catch myself being critical of Tyler all the time. After my time with Bear’s family I’ve tried to take in the good and learn from his parents on how to be a better parent. To be encouraging and positive, not always trying to correct my child.

It’s a work in progress.

This is all new to me, and if I had never met Blair, I’d be passing on my Korean parenting traditions and I don’t know how I feel about that.

It’s like they say… you don’t know anything if you haven’t experienced it.

Now that I’ve experienced a different cultural home life, I can use it to my advantage and make sure that I pass on the good traits to my child and future children.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without Bear and his family.

I’m so happy and feel blessed to have met him and to be able to surround myself with his family.

I love my Korean family, of course, they’re just different. :)


I’ve been going through a lot of emotional crap lately in my personal life and I’ve been crying a lot.

Thanks to Bear and my mom whom have helped me immensely to get through the past month.

While shopping for Bear’s home necessities, we came to Chung’s Appliance in #KTOWN to grab some things.

I’d prefer to go to Kim’s Appliance since I’m a Kim but the parking sucks and Chung’s is WAY bigger and better.

At the checkout line, I noticed these cute handkerchiefs in a basket. They had four different styles but I obviously wanted the one with the bear.

“Bear Baby” is what is says. It is so cute and so handy!

I bought two, one I kept at home and the other I carry it around in my purse.

I’ve actually been using it a lot.

There are times when randomly my nose will get runny, my eyes will water or I’ll start to cry because I’m sad.

This little piece of cloth saved me all those times!

We went back yesterday and I picked up more…

A lady should always carry a hanky.



Weekend Fun

Not all weekend was fun, moving sucked and I was exhausted.

It literally took all day and night.




Sunday was C’s (Tyler’s friend’s) birthday party!

Junk food, BBQ and piñata! Great fun for the kids!




It seems like it was just yesterday when my life was perfect.

No bills, no responsibilities and my loving parents both under one roof.

Maybe perfect isn’t the right word because what was brewing between my parents had been going on for years without my knowledge.

This #throwbackthursday is dedicated to my life before everything went upside down.


The time has come and the lease has ended on our rental condo. Two years ago, my mother and I moved out of my childhood mansion. Seven years prior to that, both my parents and I filed for divorce.

I can’t help but blame myself for what has happened; even though I know it really isn’t my fault, it’s only natural to feel like I had a part to do with the downward spiral of what was my perfect life. Perfect within my family, not my marriage.

We’ve been organizing boxes and boxes, getting ready for our move in a week and my mom came across this portrait.

Aside from this, we have albums on top of albums filled with fond memories by our pool, family vacations and celebrations throughout the years.

If I could do it all over again, I would have never begged my parents to stay in Downey the start of my high school year when they wanted to move to Beverly Hills. I would have never gotten engaged at 19 years of age and be married two weeks after my 21st birthday. I would have never allowed myself to be so boy crazy and ruin what could have been a different life for me.

But everything happens for a reason. If I hadn’t gone through everything, I wouldn’t have met my soul mate, the love of my life, the person I was meant to be with forever and eternity.

Some Most times shit happens in life. It’s never peachy and clear. All the shit happens because it makes us who we are and stronger than we ever imagine ourselves to be.

Life is beautiful in that sense. It’s like the clear skies after a rainstorm that makes it all worth while.

If anyone is in a circumstance where it feels like nothing will get better, just look at what I’ve been through and understand that life will get better.

CHEERS to #tbt, it’s been great reminiscing but I have a great life to live today and forever.

New Hobby



Bear is moving out and not that I’m moving in, but I’ll be over plenty so I thought I’d incest in a future hobby.

Cookbooks for the future.

Gatherings, holidays and random special occasions.

Not really great at cooking food with tons of different ingredients but I shall try.

Korean goes American. :P






Catching up and gossiping with old friend while children played at LemonTree.

Love this place, unlike the American indoor play yards, this place has ‘babysitters’.

You play while they watch the kids play. Brilliant.

Widely popular to all families, not just Korean.

How To Be A Single Parent




Spending quality time doing things Tyler wants to do.

Saturday afternoon we painted on a canvas on the kitchen floor.

I tried my best to be encouraging and not critical. I’m learning to be more like an American parent as oppose to a Korean one.

I would say parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. There is no right or wrong way to parent but there are better ways than others.

I’ve learned, while dating a white man Bear that he is who he is because his parents. And with that said, Bear is the most amazing person I have yet to meet. He’s supportive, patient, encouraging, non judgemental, forgiving and so loving.

I noticed after my visit to Kansas during the holidays that it trickled down from his mother and father.

It’s funny because any issue I have with my son, Bear teaches me to be a better parent. Just because I have a kid doesn’t mean I’m right or can parent better. The person that knows how to improve behavior and stay calm  while dealing comes out on top.

I am a single parent now, but with Bear in my life I feel like I have someone to help me.

Parenting can be so frustrating and at times I want to scream but nothing will come out of it.

First and foremost, calm my irritation and learn to be patient and give words of affirmation.

Valentine’s Family Date Night

An art event was going on at Chynna so we all went to eat dinner and get our creativity flowing through our hands.

Jason Lee was there to help Tyler draw/sketch.

It was a quiet night with everyone that I love, Bear, Tyler and my hubby.



Bear’s gift wasn’t extravagant but it was just what he wanted. He loves red and camo so it was perfect!



Hope you all had a great Valentine’s day and was able to spend it with the ones you love.

How To Be a Single Parent

Or shall I say ‘Part time mommy’

Shipping his surprise to arrive tomorrow since I pick him up on Friday.

He enjoys getting packages like me! :P


Minecraft pink pig, I love you book & a card!



This book is super cute! Would be a great gift to any kid from any parent…

The I Love You Book

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