Again, we visited the LA Auto Show.

I used to love going to the auto show with my parents as a kid and I want to create that memory with my son so he can look back to his childhood and remember the things we used to do.

He always has fun since he loves to sit in the cars and look at big shiny things! :)

#MillCreekRifleClub @HenryRifles

Tyler’s first shooting experience and the best he’ll ever get! We shot a .22 caliber, Henry Octagon Frontier. My favorite out of the Henry Rifles was the Golden Boy. Aside from it being gold, I like that my FIL kept the eyesight old fashioned. There was no scope and it wasn’t the original, it was an upgrade from the standard one but better.

And yes, I was shooting in fur and leather. Faux leather. Real fur. :P


Thanksgiving was spent in Kansas this year, unlike last.

I have no idea why but all I do is sleep when I arrive.

This time was special, it was Tyler’s first visit and he loved it. He was so excited from the second he was dropped off to me and all the way throughout the trip. At times, I had to tell him to calm down.

We spend the entire time with his family, eating, drinking, watching tv, cooking, shopping and going outdoor activities.

We took Tyler to the shooting range, The Plaza (my favorite) and the ice skating rink.

He had so much fun and when I asked him if he would move here, he said yes! Now if my husband could get me to move here. I was okay with it a few years ago but I’m not too sure now. I love my job and can’t imagine not working or having to leave my company.

Visit to @LACMA

On a Saturday afternoon, we visited LACMA to experience the Rain Room. Unfortunately, we didn’t get there in time to get tickets, but we were able to get tickets for a future date.

We had fun going through each building and seeing all the exhibits, although this isn’t really my favorite museum.

My favorite museum of all time is the Museum of Art & Design in New York (Columbus Circle). If you ever have a chance to go, you must visit!

Friday Night Drive

Now that Tyler has started school, I drive all the way to Rancho Mission Viejo after work.

The exit is Crown Valley Parkway, freaking far! Especially from Westwood. I take the 405 all the way down and in about 15 miles.

Thank God the drive isn’t as bad since I get off at 6pm. I can’t wait until metro makes the carpool lane a toll road on the 405… well by then I won’t be leaving from Westwood. :/

It’s nice to have Tyler for the extra night since I have to drop him off on Sunday.



Dinner and Bath

I don’t think it’s weird to “ddaeh mi ruh” (scrub) in the tub. Americans are weird about being naked but it’s more weird if I’m awkward about it.

Tyler asked to get scrubbed so I can exfoliate his dead skin before he goes to school. When he got in the tub and I told him I’d be back after I changed to a tank top he asked if I was going to wear it in. I was only planning on sitting outside to scrub him since I didn’t want to sit in the tub, but since he asked, I went in with him. He’s not weird and I’m not weird and it’s fine.

He walks around (not shy) around me and around the house after his shower and sometimes in his underwear. I’m open and free about it too. Of course when the time comes, I will not do it anymore but until then, there’s no need to put anything in his head about living in a naked house. :P

Circumstances are different when parents are separated and the growing baby is with his mother. He is still a baby and wants to be treated like one. He still wishes to sleep with me here and there. Most of my friends are the same way, even if they are still with their husbands.

I grew up running around naked or in my underwear until… geez, I still do around my mom. I wouldn’t in front of my dad of course, but I never see him so it doesn’t even matter.

What’s weird is what’s weird to each individual. Your opinion of this matter is of no concern.




Contributing to the World #Recycling

Tyler and I have been recycling for many years. The fun of it is to collect the bottles we use at home and make some money!! We made $21.76 this time around. :)

We were headed to OC so we found a recycling center in Santa Ana to help us save the world.





Just the two of us… @SkyHighSports

Day off means, son day fun day for Tyler and moi~

We headed to Sky High Sports for some indoor trampoline fun!

Man, this place is so fun, even for an adult. I was sweating and out of breath after the first minute. My favorite was the foam pit! :)




Life in the OC

Every time I pick up Tyler or drop him off I drive by the neighborhood that we used to live. Coto de Caza. Tyler was born in Orange County and he was raised in the area for the first year and a half. It’s crazy to be there so often again because I’m reminded about how far I used to live! I can’t believe I lived so far 10 years ago and no wonder my parents never came to visit! Or my friends.

Eventually I would like to live in south OC again but I’m enjoying my career and LA lifestyle too much to think about it now. I’d have to NOT be working. :P


#DateNight w/ #Tylerboy

I switched my day off from Monday to Tuesday so I could spend one day with my son before he starts school. We had a fun-filled day filled with laughter and two meals! :)

He’s going into the 6th grade now and it’s crazy how much of a baby he is with me. Although he’s grown and wants to do big boy things, when he’s around he’s still my baby boy. Due to his dad and me living separate lives, I feel that he is more baby-like. Which I don’t mind AT ALL!




Growing Boy

Every week I see Tyler, he grows so much bigger. Not just in height and size but in his features and behavior. The weirdest part is after he hangs out with his friends, he’s almost disconnected with me. I understand he wants to play with them all day but he can at least act like he’s happy to see me! :P

I don’t have a daughter so I don’t know how it is with girls but Tyler DOES NOT care about his clothes. Every time he comes back from church or when I pick him up from his friend’s house, he is filthy! I must remember to only buy him dark colored clothes.

I remember I got him these cute lime green shorts and the first time he wore them to church he came back with dirt stains all over it. It never came off, he never wore it again. I wanted to die.

I like to look at his baby pictures and see if he still resembles baby Tyler but slowly he’s not. And I still can’t see if he looks like me or not. :(


Call schedule 

I try to call Tyler everyday but I get busy and I’m starting to understand Tyler’s situation. I feel bad for making him feel bad for me.  I often Tyler how much it hurts my feelings when he forgets to call and even cry sometimes. But it does hurt my feelings and I don’t know how else to express it. I don’t want Tyler to feel pain when I tell him, I want him to understand.

Now that he has his own cell phone I told myself that I would call him every day so we could get into the habit of being in contact often. But now I get it. I’ve been so busy that I forget to call or text. I tell myself that I will later and then it completely slips my mind. I would call him on my way to the office but sometimes it’s too early and I don’t want to wake him and be the annoying mother during his summer break.

Now I understand that Tyler gets busy, and just because he doesn’t call doesn’t mean that he’s not thinking of me. Because I think of him every day and sometimes every hour of the day and I don’t call.

I still try to make an effort to either text or call him daily. The hardest part about co-parenting is the separation and the fear of the outcome from the time apart. I truly hope that he grows to to love me as much as he does now. I would hate to have him grow up resenting me. :(


Like Mommy Like Son

Or maybe all kids are the same?

Tyler is obsessed with lead pencils and seeing him so excited to the visit to Staples reminded me how much I used to love it too. Of course, we didn’t have these cool ones where you shake the pencil and the lead comes out. My excitement was to Art Box and buying as many color pens and lead pencils to put in my pencil box.

Tyler is growing so fast and even though there are many regrets that I have for how things were when he was younger, I remind him how much I love him and am very affectionate with him. The only thing I can do to make up for all my regrets is to keep him feeling loved and happy. :) Every moment is precious.

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