We decided to go early today before the rush.


Stopped by the Loud Mouse X Timeless Clothing Brand booth to get my #KoreaTown shirt!!

I got a white in size small, make sure you get yours!


Bear played some games and won me a stuffed animal. I would’ve had two but the guy at the booth said he didn’t win when he clearly did.


And me drinking salsa…

See why … PigletVentures





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I got a box of Rainbow of Cottontails Easter Cookies from Dean & Deluca to pass out to friends. I know my friends without families would appreciate my gesture of NOT sending them the whole box.

I watch out for my friends, we are all trying to NOT overdose on extra calories.

Bear on the other hand, he can afford some calories.




Of course, Bear ate the Violet bunny! :) He loved it!

IMG_6310 IMG_6311

From Korea w/ love… @JoannaPark #mustTRY

Jo came back from Korea with goodies!

Top Clockwise

1. Condition (Hangover drink. You drink before you start drinking!)

2. Honey Mustard (Since McDonald’s discontinued their #hotmustard. Jo found a comparable one, woohoo!)

3. Red Chili Paste from Korean Air (For Blair. Jo says they have the best Gochujang)

4. Panda Socks!!!

IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6459


Should’ve tried the hangover drink yesterday.

#MUSTTRY #scolville

My co-worker brought me some spicy chili peppers to try at home. :)

I tried one at work today and I didn’t feel any heat. Apparently they are suppose to be spicier than the serranos.

Maybe I got a non spicy pepper.

Anyone know the name of these?




Life as an adult gets more difficult since there aren’t enough days in a month to see everyone I love.

I make it a point to always hang out with the important people in my life.

I give the effort that is put in towards me.

With that said, my cousin and her family are a part of my family that I love to see and hang out with.

They’ve invited us to their home for dinner and fun numerous times and we wanted to return the favor by having them over after Bear’s move.

We ordered KC BBQ (Bear’s favorite restaurant). Go to PigletVentures for all the food photos!

Kids played and adults talked, laughed and drank a whittle. :P











We had so much fun and too much food! I couldn’t stop eating and I had ramen after they left!

I woke up… Too many pounds on the scale.

I need to do Jim but I just want to eat all day.

#MustTry #snacking

Tyler loves Takis and he found this at the Korean market.

He wanted to try and secretly I did to.


At Ralph’s I found this.

I have a new jar of salsa at home so I didn’t get but I must next time!

I’ve been trying to be good about not buying excessive things after reason my friend’s blog about no waste living.



I get their point but it’s dumb. With all the crap people feed their kids these days, it’s smart to keep kids on track of their weight and health.

This photo is useless and doesn’t get the point across.

Don’t have your child worry about their physical health? Let them do and eat whatever they want without worrying about their weight?

Ridiculous. Always be conscious of what crap you put into your mouth and your child’s.

It’s not about weight, yes I get it but it is about keeping track of your health.


I have this on my wall…


@ConnectDTLA @ChynnaDTLA

What a great turnout! A huge congratulations to my hubby who gathered an awesome crowd!

Amazing artists and great music, food and drinks.

I was working so I didn’t drink but I sure did enjoy the night behind the camera.

Hubby asked me to do interviews but if I needed to do the videography, I couldn’t be in front of camera…

So I ended up being behind the camera and having the artists and sponsors do shoutouts.

I had Tyler waiting for me at home so I left before the party started. Just made sure my work was done.

Promo video coming soon!




Friday Night

We were at my place and them the earthquake happened.

Bear wanted to go home and make sure that alcoholnothing fell over.

Nothing fell over.

We grabbed a banana milk each and headed back home.




We stopped by The Pie Hole of course and on the way I noticed this cool street art.

I asked Bear to stop so I could take photos!


#humpday @LeKaRestaurant

Met some new friends last night and for once I was the token Asian in the group.

Bear’s friend from college had recently moved to LA and happened to be in DTLA last night.

They had already eaten and wanted to grab drinks so we ate while they drank.


I thought I was amongst all white people, but the girl happened to be Armenian. All the boys agreed she was white since she had blonde hair. Could have fooled me!

We all laughed and had a great time while poking fun at stereotypes. It was nice to meet new people and be able to connect instantly and not be awkward.

It was different from any other night because we were with Bear’s friend. All the time, we’re with my friends and I always felt bad.

Hopefully we can all hang out again…

Hope your #humpday was just as fun!


OH and I learned something new : click here