@UJellyUJelly Visit

Went for their friends & family soft opening and I had to dress for the occasion. :)

Donut shirt with color coded sweats and furrrrr. Always fur.

I enjoyed every bit of this delicious goodness.

16051 Brookhurst St Fountain Valley, CA 92708


@PolarGlobal #Balance #MustHave

I was jelly of #fitbit since they had a matching scale to go with the activity tracker, but now, NOT NO MORE!

Polar Global has designed a scale to sync with my activity tracker and blah blah blah…

I haven’t weighed myself in a while and I’d love to get this scale to get my fitness regimen going again. It’s white and pretty too. :P

Polar Balance
Polar Balance

Thank you @ChefChrisOh @HanjipBBQ @FrenchyFoody

Finally we made it out to Hanjip thanks to OpenTable and we were happy about being pigs!

My friend Chris (from Seoul Sausage) opened a KBBQ joint on the west side with our other friend Stephane Bombet, the restaurateur.

With Tomahawks, watermelon soju balls, bone marrow with corn cheese, steamed egg with uni, this place is a hit.

I definitely suggest the Tomahawk. My favorite.

Also, they have the flavored soju, which is the best of the best!





Another one bites the dust… @TraderJoesList

I wish I would have saved all the bottles that I’ve consumed. I could have made an art installation. I’m serious.

I feel like I’ve slowed down, but I shall save it from now on. For the purpose of art, not because I’m a hoarder.



Thanksgiving was spent in Kansas this year, unlike last.

I have no idea why but all I do is sleep when I arrive.

This time was special, it was Tyler’s first visit and he loved it. He was so excited from the second he was dropped off to me and all the way throughout the trip. At times, I had to tell him to calm down.

We spend the entire time with his family, eating, drinking, watching tv, cooking, shopping and going outdoor activities.

We took Tyler to the shooting range, The Plaza (my favorite) and the ice skating rink.

He had so much fun and when I asked him if he would move here, he said yes! Now if my husband could get me to move here. I was okay with it a few years ago but I’m not too sure now. I love my job and can’t imagine not working or having to leave my company.

Happy Belated Birthday @PinkTerry & TinaAKABabyT

We met for dinner for their belated birthday dinner. JL is in NY so she could NOT join.:(

I was suppose to facetime her but we ended up waiting forever at Hanjip and the plan was to do it when we all got seated.

We couldn’t wait any longer so we hopped over to Honey’s Kettle around the corner and had dinner there. Which I felt so bad about, it was pretty janky.

Happy birthday T & T!!!






So This Happened @SeesCandies

I wanted Mrs. Fields Cookies, she was gone, so See’s Candies it was.

I love See’s > Godiva.

I have gone through half the box already. I’m not ashamed. This is why I work out.

My favorites are the white chocolate brittle, molasses sticks, milk chocolate buttercream, scotchmallow and some the something crunch, in white chocolate.

The best is getting a 1 lb box and making your own assortment!



@HanJipBBQ Opening @ChefChrisOh @FrenchyFoody

By the time this posts, the establishment will have been open for half a month.

If you have not seen the #foodporn by Stephane and Chris, make sure you check out their social media accounts. (Linked to their name).

I came by to visit on my way home from a meeting in MDR one late afternoon and I caught them in the middle of having a photo shoot.

Luckily, my friends and I are having dinner here this coming Thursday 11/5, as you may be realizing, I am writing this way early and scheduling it for post way later.

If you haven’t been yet, please go… the food looks amazing and if you catch Chris at the spot, he’ll be sure to make you laugh. He’s the biggest goofball, EVER!