Smooth Criminal

OMG I’ve been staying away from Smooth Move because I hated the flavor of the tea. (The chocolate flavor is even worse).

Today I discovered the pill!



Smooth Move Capsules

Thank you LORD for never ever having to make me taste the disgusting tea!

I ALWAYS take this when I feel fat. It helps me start fresh and jump start my detox.

I just wish I had some RIGHT MEOW (in the words of Terry).

#MustHave #Fitspo

I saw this on Shark Tank and Bear Baby thought it was a great idea. I didn’t agree with him until I got this article from Jo.


Asobu Flavour It Fruit-Infuser Bottles

See below, although the recipe below will not fit into the above bottle. I can always make a pitcher and put extra of whatever fruit I desire in the compartment!

The Fat Flush Water Recipe -And How It Works

2 Liters (64 oz.) Purified Water

1 Tangerine, sectioned

1/2 Grapefruit, sliced

1 Cucumber, sliced

4 Peppermint or Spearmint Leaves

Ice, (made from purified water) optional

Mix in a pitcher before bed and drink throughout the entire next day. Please consider using organic produce for this, if it is unavailable to you, thoroughly wash the produce before adding it to the water.

  • The tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes blood sugar and because they are high in vitamin C, you increase the fat burning during exercise
    Tangerine increases your sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes blood sugar, and stimulates genes to burn fat.
  • The grapefruit will increase metabolic energy, burn fat and increase energy
  • The cucumber helps you to feel more full, and acts is a natural diuretic which means less bloating and water retention
  • The mint leaves aid in digestion

For @BearBaby

He’s been laughing in my face about football season starting because he knows how much I hate sports.

Well, let me be clear. Sports on television is a nuisance and very irritating.

Sports, live, is a different story.

I’ll go to any game, anywhere and any time.

Something about the commentators and the crowd noise together bothers me so much.

When I came across this, I knew it would be the perfect ‘once in a blue moon’ gift.

He’s a huge Steelers fan. I know he will appreciate his lunch a little bit more in this container.

This is why he loves me so much. :P

Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 9

Set of 2 NFL Team-Theme Lunch Containers

Too Pretty To Eat? #CakeCreamery

Remember that beautiful cake I posted with ombré roses in purple?

Well I’ve been obsessing over their Instagram even though my wedding cake can’t and won’t be created by them.

A girl can look, can’t she?

I don’t have any special plans or events coming up but I noticed that Cake Creamery is having a deal on Gilt City!


They just opened few weeks ago and now because of this deal, I have a reason to go to Beverly Hills and try their cupcakes!

don’t won’t be able to finish a dozen so if anyone wants one, let me know! Planning on using my voucher this weekend!

Cake Creamery

My First Time


I’ve heard of it but never had the urge to go.

Last night Chelsea and I had (my 2nd) dinner and drinks and decided to get dessert.

Oh how I regretted it this am, although I only had few bites of this honeycomb with soft serve.

I don’t like the waxy film/bits in my mouth after eating it. 

IMG_1481 IMG_1479 IMG_1478 IMG_1477 IMG_1476

Decided to take the rest to Bear Baby.


He enjoyed it very much. And very quickly. HA!