Stopped by Dino’s, the best place for chicken!

He wanted Lucky Boy’s, I suggested Panda Express Innovation Kitchen, Myung Dong, Dino’s, The Dragon, McDonalds and In N Out.

I just let him surprise me because I couldn’t decide.

The trick is to not let me have a choice and not tell me beforehand because I will change your mind.

Bear Baby picked Dino’s!!!

We got the DUI & the Chicken plate. Wanted quesadilla but this location didn’t have it.




Happy Day!





The only thing I wanted to do was chill by the pool and sleep.

I’ve been intolerant to social surroundings.

Can’t enjoy company and too lacy to be accommodating.

It’s too much work to be pleasant.

Need a quick wake up call to break out of this hump. Either way this weekend was well worth it. Needed some R&R.

Thanks to Jo for setting it up!

Weekend Getaway!

Rented a home big enough for six couples!
Annual trip for us and it’s the best way to visit Palm Springs. Jo found a house in Indio this time but it’s much bigger and better!

No need for us to go into town so all we really needed was a pool and a big place.

Hopped in the car with Jo and her hubby and Nancy to arrive early.

We sat in the pool all day!

Our property: http://reservations.luxevh.com/Unit/Details/43994










My only expectation from Tyler is that he finish school with above average grades. As a kid (especially in grade school) he should be flying through it. Without the discipline now, he will never get out of middle/high school alive.

I look up to very few people in my life and one of them happens to have two children. One in hs and the other Tyler’s age. I see how she’s ‘trained’ her children and I strive to be that way. The hard part for me is that I have to do it on my own, part time.

This is why I emphasize couples not to have children unless they are going to be together forever.

Having to instill my desires while Tyler’s dad is trying to do his part, just doesn’t work.

Of course communication is key and I wish that we had that but we don’t and that’s why we aren’t together. I feel sick to my stomach that we aren’t able to discuss important matters without him getting offended. That’s the problem with older Korean men.

Either way, all I can do is work on my end of the deal because when Tyler grows up, he’s going to remember exactly what happened and will appreciate everything I’ve done.

My tough love comes from my cultural background. Thank god I’m marrying Bear Baby because his style of parenting/loving is the opposite and it’s just the perfect combo!

#ForHim @RayBan #Camo

We both love camo so when there is something camo, we get it for each other.

Hence, my luggage and now this.

Saw this on IG and had to get it!


Available on Ebates & Mr. Rebates! Don’t forget to click my <—– links!

I could have gotten him the purple, but I didn’t. I was being #selfless. :P