Family time is very important and because Tyler does not have any siblings close to his age, I try to hang out with the cousins as often as possible. Of course with our busy adult schedules it’s hard to get a day in! We finally got to hang out with our favorite cousins and their children. The boys had so much fun together and it made me miss my childhood when I used to play with my cousins. Being the only child, I’ve realized how important it is to stay in touch with all family members.

Thank you unnie and oppa for dinner and the hospitality! We miss you already!












I enjoy moments like this. It makes me feel like we have a normal life. As if he is with me 24/7. He’s 11 now and idk when he’ll stop be from entering the bathroom when he’s taking a shower but I will keep on doing it until it really upsets him.

He’s still a baby. He’s not shy being naked, yet. I should probably start thinking about when I should stop changing in front of him too but I honestly don’t care.

Do boys talk about girls at this age? I keep meaning to ask him if he had his sex education class in 5th grade but timing is never right. I need to talk to him and let him know that I am ok with him being open with me and that there’s nothing to be embarrassed of. I hope it works!


Also, thanks to his dad and TKD, he has the cutest little bum! Better than most Korean girls out there!


Road Trip to OC

Why am I covering my face? I initially started doing it because of my mustache tan from Cabo. This one artist that I like does it also because he doesn’t want people knowing what he looks like on social media. Maybe you’ve heard of him, Alec Monopoly. I love his stuff, you know me, I love the colorful Pop Art style, like Tom Everhart. I will continue to do this until my tan goes away. I hope it’s soon! :)

Took Tyler to my mom’s in the am so he can go to church and then Jo and I picked him up to take him home. His smile melts my heart.




Growing Boy

Every week I see Tyler, he grows so much bigger. Not just in height and size but in his features and behavior. The weirdest part is after he hangs out with his friends, he’s almost disconnected with me. I understand he wants to play with them all day but he can at least act like he’s happy to see me! :P

I don’t have a daughter so I don’t know how it is with girls but Tyler DOES NOT care about his clothes. Every time he comes back from church or when I pick him up from his friend’s house, he is filthy! I must remember to only buy him dark colored clothes.

I remember I got him these cute lime green shorts and the first time he wore them to church he came back with dirt stains all over it. It never came off, he never wore it again. I wanted to die.

I like to look at his baby pictures and see if he still resembles baby Tyler but slowly he’s not. And I still can’t see if he looks like me or not. :(


@LKSDDowney Sunday Funday

Jo came to help me clean out the closet at my mom’s house so we make room to move in.

After such hard work, we had to grab a drink. Lock and Key Social Drinkery it was. My favorite place south of the 10fwy.

Also, Bear’s doppelganger works there too. :P

I can’t believe how similar they look. I noticed that the doppelganger had grown his hair out. Maybe now I will allow Bear to grow his hair since it didn’t look bad on the doppelganger. :P



Call schedule 

I try to call Tyler everyday but I get busy and I’m starting to understand Tyler’s situation. I feel bad for making him feel bad for me.  I often Tyler how much it hurts my feelings when he forgets to call and even cry sometimes. But it does hurt my feelings and I don’t know how else to express it. I don’t want Tyler to feel pain when I tell him, I want him to understand.

Now that he has his own cell phone I told myself that I would call him every day so we could get into the habit of being in contact often. But now I get it. I’ve been so busy that I forget to call or text. I tell myself that I will later and then it completely slips my mind. I would call him on my way to the office but sometimes it’s too early and I don’t want to wake him and be the annoying mother during his summer break.

Now I understand that Tyler gets busy, and just because he doesn’t call doesn’t mean that he’s not thinking of me. Because I think of him every day and sometimes every hour of the day and I don’t call.

I still try to make an effort to either text or call him daily. The hardest part about co-parenting is the separation and the fear of the outcome from the time apart. I truly hope that he grows to to love me as much as he does now. I would hate to have him grow up resenting me. :(


@MadameTussauds Visit #Tourists #LA

Bear’s little brother came to visit from Kansas and we took him the Hollywood Blvd. after dinner at In N Out. We parked at the Highland and Hollywood garage and walked west past the Chinese Mann Theater. There wasn’t much to do so I suggested the wax museum. I’ve never been and have wanted to go so I thought it would be the perfect time. Living in LA, I never do the touristy stuff since I grew up here. But also, Bear has never and he’s been here for only five years.

I couldn’t believe how ridiculously expensive the entrance ticket was. I didn’t mind paying for it but the next visitor we have, we’re definitely not bringing them to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. When I walked up, there was a price list on the counter. Everything was $59.99 and up. I asked what the price sheet was because I was in shock and didn’t want to believe that it was THAT pricey to get in. She said, those were the prices with the tours, which we didn’t need. I asked for entry price and she replied, $29.99, plus tax, the three of us got into the museum for the low price of $90 something! :P

Once we were in, I forgot about the price. The wax statues were so realistic and a bit disturbing. As if they were going to start moving and become the actual celebrity, in real form. Every wrinkle detail on their face and hands were so lifelike. Their gums to their teeth and eyeballs were representational to a real human! We really enjoyed ourselves at the museum and I recommend it to anyone that has not been, to at least visit it once before they die. It’s truly amazing how true to life these figurines can be!




























Wedding Cocktail Reception @RoofOnWilshire

We didn’t have a huge wedding or a sit down reception but we wanted to provide a gathering of close friends and family for our special day. Of course, open bar… passed trays of food… and the rain joined us. The Roof On Wilshire is so gorgeous on a beautiful day and we were hoping it would have been but it wasn’t. Everyone was crammed under the overhang in front of the bar due to the rain. The winds were so strong that we couldn’t even have the Styrofoam letters that we DIY moss on, in the pool. It was getting flipped over, moss flying everywhere and not cute. :(

I barely got any rest and had any food so I was already wasted by the time we arrived. I wished we arrived earlier so I could greet everyone that came through. As soon as we got to the rooftop, I felt bombarded and I feel like I didn’t get a chance to talk or take photos with people. Maybe if I didn’t have that bottle of champagne in the shuttle on the way to the reception, I would have been a better host! :/

We just received our Thank You cards so we’ll be mailing them out to all the people who attended and that showered us with all the generous amounts of gifts.













@QuartersKBBQ #MeetUp

Came to dinner (actually, for the nachos) to catch up with friends and reminisce about the reception and talk shit.

(I’m still mad at you too ERIC! LIIIIEEESSS!!!)

We ordered so much food and I have no idea why or how the bill only came out to $89 and change. Something weird happened, idk but I’m not complaining.

I love this place because we don’t have to order a normal serving portion like the other KBBQ places. 1/4 pound is just perfect to get every kind of meat with only a little amount of people. :)

We ordered so much food, for photos go to www.pigletventures.com.




Wedding Day

Photographs by the talented @MichelleKimPhoto!

We rented a shuttle since most of the people were from out of town. We met at our apartment in DTLA and shuttled everyone to El Matador Beach in Malibu for our private ceremony.


#SelfieStick came in handy!


I, of course, had to get into my Nike Internationalist in Silver to hike down the mountain.









IMG_2880The weather was gloomy but apparently it works best in photos so I wasn’t too mad. Well, except that I had my hair blowing everywhere and ruining photos!

I was freezing and was glad I brought my Yves Salomon Raccoon Fur coat (similar)
to stay warm.

We then headed to Moonshadows in Malibu for brunch before heading to the hotel for our reception.

Everyone took a nap… :P





I cried my eyes out… most of the people shed a tear… I must say, my vows were pretty amazing.

I felt so nervous about reading it and it took about a minute of me laughing and hesitating before I started but once I got going, I couldn’t stop tearing.

I’ll read my vows one day and make a video… so you can all enjoy!

Sheep Shearing #HighlandSpringsResort

Tyler’s aunties had the day with him while I was at the office! Thank you for being the best aunties ever!! Tyler had such a blast chasing sheep and llamas in the ranch. He came back filthy and with eyes bloodshot cause he was so tired from running around all day. 

I made sure he blew his nose too in the shower. I got a flier and they have a farm camp this summer that I want to take him too…

He needs this type of exposure. Kids are so distracted with Nerf guns and electronics that other than sports within his community at his dad’s and at his school, he doesn’t get much experience with nature. He wants to go again next year, and we’ll be back for the lavender festival!



We were driving to OC to drop my son off and Bear tells me to look back. I couldn’t believe how he was sleeping.
It was a bit funny so I took a photo of course. :P

I was worried that he was uncomfortable but I didn’t want to bother him in case I wake him up.

He must have had a really good time at his sleepover party.