One random night… can’t remember when since I wait too long to blog.

I have all these photos uploaded to post but I never get around to it…

Either way, we ended up at Continental Club and enjoyed listening to Standards and discussing life.

NYC Visits LA

During Christmas break, my gf JL visited from NY. She stayed with me the whole six days and we totally vegged out~

We ate, slept, not so much drink and ate again. We probably ate Del Taco about seven times. She introduced me to ordering chicken soft tacos with no cheese and I was mind blown.

We almost went to Las Vegas for a night but it didn’t work out and we were ambitious in planning the week but ended up being bums in bed and watching a bunch of movies and shows.

I never realized how amazing it would be to have nothing to do for a week. We get so caught up in being a robot for the rest of the year that when the holidays come, we don’t fully appreciate it until it’s over.

Oh on a side note, we did work out so we weren’t complete losers. :P

Thank you @ChefChrisOh @HanjipBBQ @FrenchyFoody

Finally we made it out to Hanjip thanks to OpenTable and we were happy about being pigs!

My friend Chris (from Seoul Sausage) opened a KBBQ joint on the west side with our other friend Stephane Bombet, the restaurateur.

With Tomahawks, watermelon soju balls, bone marrow with corn cheese, steamed egg with uni, this place is a hit.

I definitely suggest the Tomahawk. My favorite.

Also, they have the flavored soju, which is the best of the best!





@InsomniacEvents #HolidayParty

My friend who used to live in LA was visiting from his new home in NY and he invited me to Pasquale’s Holiday Party. He had to go for work and had a plus 1.

I replied, “Who’s Pasquale?” and he texted me the flyer for the party and I saw Insomniac on it. I of course googled it and Pasquale was the founder for Insomniac. COOL!

He dropped his car off at my mom’s and we took an Uber to LA and back. The house party was amazing! He had a snow owl, zebra, penguins, dwarfs as elves and a Santa! He even had porta potties for his guests!

His wife is Holly Madison so I saw her and her little girl Rainbow running around.

It was definitely a night I will always remember. What a party!










#HolidayLunch @TheChurchillLA

We had a white elephant gift exchange within the office people over lunch at Churchill at the Orlando Hotel on 3rd Street.

It was fun and nice to get out of the office to celebrate the holidays.

I got number 7 and stole a bluetooth wireless speaker that came in the Peanuts box. I really only wanted to packaging since I have a Beats Pill. :P

I kept the box when my speaker got stolen and ended up with a beer mug. :(

@The_Cash_Cannon #HBD

I saw this and immediately thought of my friend who was in dire need of one. The best kind of gifts are the ones that don’t require much thought. I wanted to include dollar bills in their but I didn’t want to give an additional $150 along with the gift so I decided to make fake dollars with his face on it. It started off as a $1 bill but decided $100 would be funnier. :P


Click here to watch the trial run

@RubyStellaInc Trunk Show @Bergdorfs

My friend JL visited Ruby & Stella at their exclusive Bergdorf Goodman’s Trunk Show few weekends ago in NY and I got this cute little photo with all of them!

R&S are the sweetest gems in the world and it’s just so ironic that they are working with gemstones and creating jewelry that every company ends up imitating. They are truly pioneers in their methods of design and marketing.

Make sure you check out their site if you haven’t!



@VeuveClicquot Champagne Tasting in Reims, France

My favorite part of the trip was of course the visit to Reims, France to have champagne tasting.

We visiting our favorite champagne houses, Veuve Clicquot and learned so much about the Veuve house and about champagne. This was by far the best experience I ever had, IN MY LIFE.

The Year in Champagne documentary I watched on the way to Paris definitely helped me understand the region before arriving.

I knew about the cellars underground that went on for miles and miles and how they produced the different kinds. I even found out that they have a champagne school which is for a year in Reims that I would love to attend before I turn 40!

The experience was unimaginable and the tour guide we had was amazing. At the end of our Veuve tour, we tasted the Yellow Label (which we always get) and the Grand Dame, I most likely prefer the Grand Dame over the Yellow. I can’t bare to think of drinking the Yellow Label anymore.

We visiting an amazing cathedral and another smaller champagne house during our trip. It took most of the day and we took a 40 minute train ride up north to visit Reims. The weather was still amazing and I will never forget this day.
















Paris, we’re here! #StGermain

We rented a 2-BR Airbnb place in St. Germain and we arrived around noon on Wednesday.

We quickly freshened up and headed out into the city to start our adventure!

I bought a converter on Amazon which ended up working pretty well. It had multiple outlets and two USB plug capabilities.

PowerCube Original 2 USB