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#HumpDay @HollywoodBowl

First time in the bleachers but it was super fun and nice to be around friends and have the whole area to ourselves!

There were some patrons around us who were a bit uptight but we just moved to another area after they started making comments.

Wine, cheese, kimpbap, fruits and tequila of course.

It was a fun night with the girls & their +1s.

Thank you 언니 for getting the tickets for us! We had such a blast!

Summer isn’t worth having if you can’t visit the Hollywood Bowl!




Trying to pose for the candid shot. :P



Getting #photobombed by Susie, our new friend. :)


The overly excited looks is always our “go to”.


Ok, a normal shot!


Couple 1


Couple 2



Couple 3 (not pictured)

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#CamObsessed @MichaelKors

Went to Century City Mall the other day with JO and couldn’t help but notice how Michael Kors is totally ripping off every premium designer, Valentino, Prada, Hermes…

I saw the calf hair slip ons and I loved! I also loved the camo bags they had but I’d rather have the Valentino~

MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Keaton’ Slip-On Sneaker


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Fish Out Of Water

I haven’t been to Neiman Marcus, Saks and Barney’s is such a long time.

I was asked to join a friend and of course I said yes!

Any reason to be around anything to do with spending money is my favorite past time!

I didn’t spend a dollar because OBVIOUSLY I’m in NO place to spend money.

So I just browsed and took #selfies.

Oh and of course, be the good friend and tell them my honest truth about what they were trying on.

I must say, I didn’t remember which was where and where to go for what.

We browsed in this order:

NM, Saks & Barney’s.

I even wore heels because our plan was to do dinner in the area after.

I felt awkward being in an unfamiliar surrounding. It may have been in my head because I just worry too much but I swear every employee was staring and judging.

I know how these SAs work. I don’t shop there, I don’t frequent so they stare and make comments to each other.

I enjoy my online shopping where it’s judgment free. Of course if I had a truck load of money to spend, I’d spend my free time there, buying things. Everything.

I felt uncomfortable. I haven’t purchased anything super expensive in so long.

The last time I was in Saks was when I bought my Manolo Blahnik’s I wore for Jo’s wedding. I actually bought the shoes back in 2006. Eight years ago. O.O

Last time I was in NM? At Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I was living in Coto de Caza and married. A different life.

It’s been a while and I didn’t feel like I belonged. I would eventually like to feel comfortable at the mall again but not until I can buy stuff. I don’t like to eye shop. It’s like foreplay and no climax.

I guess I’ll see you when I see you, shopping mall!

The best part about hanging out was that I got to see her new 4 series Gran Coupe! It’s sofa king gorgeous!



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#MustRead #ForHer

I love giving gifts that are of nature of things that people usually don’t buy themselves.

That’s the point of giving.

I’ve gotten multiple friends books from designers and this would be another that would be a perfect gift!

Books With Style Chanel Three Book Set


have great coffee table books.

it’s decorative. not for actual reading.

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#DinnerParty @MastrosOfficial

After the show it’s the afterparty, then
After the party it’s the hotel lobby, then
After the Belve then it’s probably Cris
And after the original it’s probably this



Birthday Girl



Damn Ginnnaaa~


 happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to dearest unnie, happy birthday to you!








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Chelsea & I went to EMC for (my 2nd) dinner and drinks.

She thought she was fat so she kept covering her face! lol

We ordered the Veuve but they were out. AGAIN? Come on EMC, get it together!

We asked Charles for the Ace of Spade for the price of Veuve but instead he gave us this bottle for free.

We didn’t finish it because it wasn’t so yummy.

BUT, thank you Charles!


Oyster shooter for the night!


For food… go to PIGLETVENTURES

I felt really ugly last night.
IMG_1472 IMG_1471

I was annoyed that I was coming out so hideous.


We ordered uni pasta at the end. This is what made me 111 this am.


IMG_1475 IMG_1474

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@Catalinalinasu’s #Staple – My New Love


Cosabella Never Say Never Prettie Bra

This bra makes my tits look amazing!

Last Friday I went over to Bren’s home in a sweater to go out to dinner. The girls insisted that I was (temperature) hot and that I immediately take my sweater off and put on a tank. I didn’t have a bra so Catalina loaned me hers for the night.

Now I don’t want to give it back. But I have to, the cup size doesn’t fit too well. I noticed my nipple flopping out a few times.

I love demi style bras and I especially love this because it is so soft and comfortable to wear.


#HOWTOBEALADY – make your tatas look the best!

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(I borrowed Catalina’s bra last Friday before going out since I was braless and now I’m obsessed with it. Sorry! I wore it again! Now for sure I have to get one. Best bra EVER!)

Cosabella Never Say Never Prettie Bra