Whenever Tyler falls asleep in the backseat of my car, I feel bad that he has to wake up to a sore neck. Another important factor is that when he leans over to the center, it is not safe if I were to get into an accident!

I saw this deal and had to share to all the mommies!

This is perfect for our children!

Auto Seat-Belt Pillow


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Not customary to celebrate a 2nd child’s 100th day again, big, but Hayden was born with a heart condition so they weren’t sure if he would make it to his 1st birthday. :(

My cousin’s baby has to be monitored and gets a check up every month. It is something that can be healed so we’re all praying that he can live a healthy life!
Happy 100th day! IMG_2233.JPG











It’s always great to see my family. Aunts, uncles, grandmother, cousins, children and family friends.


I’m a huge fan of classical music. When I have Tyler in the car, I never have contemporary music on. It’s always on Classical or Standards. Music these days are horrible for children.

I wanted to go to the Hollywood Bowl for this event but I’m out of town. When I saw the event for OC, I was ecstatic.

Tchaikovsky Spectacular with Fireworks


For Tyler

His feet grow so fast. The crazy part is because I don’t see him daily it feels like it grows at a lightening speed! He just informed me that the last pair of Vans I got him are snug so I decided to get him new shoes. Although I’d like to get him multiple pairs at once, I don’t know if I want to risk the chance of his feet growing out of them without any use.

Next Up!

Youth Faxon II Casual Shoe by Polo Ralph Lauren –¬†Gray


Being a part time parent has been rough. All I want is for Tyler to grow up knowing and remembering that I loved him exponentially. Even though I didn’t want to show my love by buying him things (because that’s what my parents did), I know that he will understand my actions as he grows up. It’s a struggle for me since my time is limited to weekends and not because it’s legally set that way. We have a 50/50 custody agreement. Well, 51/49 for tax purposes, favoring me. But I had to put Tyler first. His life with his dad is better suited for him now with his new family growing and I’m just settling into mine. I know in the future, we will live closer and he’ll be able to come back and forth without interrupting his school and my work schedule. I’d love for him to spend the night so I can take him to school in the am and pack him lunch.

Things like purchasing a pair of shoes¬†may be minuscule to some parents, but to me it’s a realization of how fast time is growing and how little time I have with baby Tyler. Everything I do, I do it for him.