Back to School

I started my first quarter at Walden University Online to get my B.A. in Communications.

I knew that since I had my student email, I’d be able to get my Amazon Prime membership for free.

Little did I know that my current Prime membership that I paid for would get completely cancelled out.

I had till end of October to use the year long membership that I paid $79.00 for, before they hiked the cost to $99.00.

With all the benefits though, I would have still paid, $99.00 when my year was up.

I decided to sign up to the student Prime membership only to realize that I do not have Amazon Instant Video Access.

You would think that I would have the full access to Prime since I had about a month left? Nope, I have to pay $49.00 for my next year.

I of course sent an email and once it’s cancelled, it’s cancelled. At least, I now only have to pay $49.00 for the full benefits of Prime.

Hopefully, if you’re a student and have a student email, you’ve signed up for Amazon Student FREE Prime Membership.


So Fitting! #DropOut

I saw this on Standard Style’s IG (photo) and had to have it.

I could have called them like they asked me to and purchase it over the phone but that’s not really my style.

I like to shop online… and I know you do too so below you can find the link, if this is up your alley!

I love this sweater because it’s so fitting! Not that I’m a dropout but I feel like it sometimes.

I’m still trying to finish college and other things so this sweater suits me perfectly.

It’s funny and cute! AND it’s heather grey, which I love~





(question? why are the models on Revolve Clothing hotter than Shopbop? The beauty of the model makes a huge difference!)

At first I got a XS, it was too short. I then ordered a S, it was just right. Then I ordered a M, it was perfect. Just in case it shrinks after I Bear Baby washes it. :P


#WasteOfSpace #LosAngeles Final Project

My second last week of school and our final project was due and up for critique in front of the whole class.

Professor Alejandro Sanchez has been amazing all semester and guided me into looking deeper into subjects and perfecting each print.

I initially wanted to do my final project series on #FormulaD in Long Beach, but I didn’t have even cool shots to really have something with substance. I was working and on my feet so my time with the camera was limited and it consisted mostly of cars. Which was too obvious. I wanted more depth and meaning…


My series of 11 photos was titled : Waste of Space

I came up with this idea after driving in the car one day with Bear and Tyler. We passed by the billboard (pictured below) with a clown and a lady with Spanish writing. I obviously didn’t know what it said, but the visual associated with the text was disturbing.

I immediately wanted to scream and get Tyler’s attention so he wouldn’t be looking out the window.

I started to think about all the other billboards that bothered me. Not only did I NOT want my son to see sexual, drug related and obscene billboards, I didn’t think it was necessary to blast such advertisement publicly.

I’m not one to overly ‘mother’ my son or shelter him but certain visuals should not be allowed to take up airspace for business/profit.

I don’t even listen to the local radio or Top 40’s music when he’s in the car. I strictly only play Jazz/Standards.

I know I don’t have control over everything but if I did, I would definitely start with the garbage that is visible for the public to see.

Below are individual shots of what I perceived as a #wasteofspace.














#Photography #class with #alejandrosanchez

I love my class and my professor!

Learning so many techniques…

One day I’ll have my own dark room.

One day…

This was assignment 7, last one before the final and I decided to do #HankookRacing as my series…






#FinalProject #StreetArt

I had Bear come with me while I found subjects for my school project.

Los Angeles isn’t as dangerous as Bear made it seem while we were out.

Honestly I would have liked to stopped on the freeway and taken the photo so the subject would be eye level, but Bear wouldn’t let me.

I’ll have to do it on my own 😛

Thanks to Jeff who loaned me his 35mm camera for this semester.


Environmental Portrait


Photography class has been interesting, far more than what I expected.

There is a lot of lab time that I didn’t expect. Ok, maybe I did, I just didn’t think it would actually take all that time.

It’s a lot of work for little reward, for now I guess.

The photos I have printed aren’t the photos I mean to print.

The ones that I’ve spent time on taking do not come out well, so I end up printing others. Luckily I have others to print and they happen to be good shots.

I really enjoy the process of printing in the dark room.

Hopefully before the semester ends I can print a really big photo.

I’m glad I’m learning about the use of cameras that I can apply to my digital one.

Visiting @TBWAChiatLA

A visit to the ad agency and I couldn’t do what I do best, document.

No photos allowed. Didn’t want to compromise my visit nor the tour guide’s job.

Thanks to my film production professor for setting it up.

Sometimes I think I want to work for corporate America. Yesterday was one of those days.


Opportunity ALWAYS Presents Itself

My car wreck a few weeks back really threw me off my cycle. I can say it was for the better.

My visit to the rental car place, Enterprise, was the beginning.

They didn’t have a Prius for me so I was left with the other crappy cars on the lot. Like most rental places, my options were a Camry, Jeep, Focus, Hyundai and a minivan.

I had a lightbulb moment.

I had just gotten a new camera for my birthday and in my production class, I was meeting a lot of new friends who could potentially help me as I would help them!

So I picked the minivan. A Chrysler Town and Country Touring.

Oowee, this car had all the blows and whistles!

And even though I would NEVER EVER EVERRRRRR in my life own one, drive one, BE SEEN IN ONE, I had to pick it.

What great way to launch my new YouTube channel with content that I actually enjoying writing/creating/producing!

I mean, if I would have anyone’s job in the world, it would be a cross between the Top Gear (Europe) guys and Anthony Bourdain. But I know to get to their level I have to DO SHIT on my own. If you’re trying to get into entertainment and you haven’t figured out that you have to create your own content, you’re missing the boat.

So for that reason I chose the family friendly minivan!

I was already reaching out to my friends in the car industry and had some things lined up. But to have a boring minivan and to review it because it is so out of my character/style to be seen in one, just made perfect sense. Is this what people mean when they say we have to sacrifice to get what we want? :P

Well I did sacrifice, for just a few days though. And I don’t know if I would call it sacrifice now, now that I’ve experienced ‘having’ a minivan! That thing was ridiculously luxurious and kinda excellente!

Here are some photos to keep you interested but the real fun will be via VIDEO! My review on the Chrysler Town & Country Touring!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel! Even after my video from my old channel, I’ve been getting subscriptions on the channel I’m trying to part ways with! Get it together people!


For all your viewing pleasure!

All positive and negative comments are welcome. My skin is too thick to really care for the rude people, thanks to my childhood.











Not only have I found two amazing guys who are more than willing to help me but hopefully a new partnership for more videos to come.

This isn’t the only one we’ve done, we got a few up our sleeves so please sit tight!

Thank you to Sal and Abraham for this first shoot… VIDEO shall be out within the week!

But boy was I glad when I returned the minivan, that shit was a gas guzzler compared to my Maximus!


Three groups, three news segments.

We all did a great job, even though we had some technical difficulties. I’m realizing that I like the producing aspect of things. An executive producing angle, I like to create and delegate. I don’t want to be behind the camera nor do I want to edit. In front is perfectly fine with me. ;)






Ours was called CCTV, Cerritos College Television.

Watching it on a big screen is much more fun than on a computer monitor! :P

Post Production




I had a blast writing/filming for our first class project. My new DP, edited most himself but I went over after class last night to help out.

I’m really glad I decided to take this class, I’m networking with great people with amazing skills and have an awesome professor as well!

Once the product is finished, I’ll upload the video!

VIPrius Maximus Accident

Sideswiped, and now in the shop.






I got to Enterprise to pick a rental and I saw a Jetta that I would’ve picked but at the end of the lot was a minivan. It was opportunity knocking.

I figured, why not? It gives me a chance to review the car since I wanted to start reviewing cars on my YouTube channel.

It was a perfect opportunity, so I did it. Picked a car I swore I would never ever be caught dead in.

I just finished recording my first review Thursday during class time for my production class. An amazing DP who helped me out from my class and an assistant DP was there to help too.

Please subscribe to my channel for new upcoming videos!!