The Gang Is ALL Here! @RubyStellaInc

I’ve never been more obsessed with jewelry…

They say it takes a special someone to make you fall in love. Well, #RubyStella has done just that!


My girls Ruby and Stella have this industry on lock.

Their inventory is flying off the shelves, please make sure you check out their site and grab everything you can!

I added 4 14K ROSE GOLD STACKABLE MIDI KNUCKLE RINGS to my collection, sizes vary.




Look how amazing my hands look!

Although, I need something else on my right hand. I had the #VogueRings there but it kept getting in the way since I use my right hand a lot. It would get caught on things, so I need more of a flatter piece.  I have my eye on either the Infinity Circle or the Diamond Shield, of course in #rosegold…


Oh and on my ear I have the Diamond Bar Earring Pin in Rose Gold. The best yet. No photo cause my ears are ugly. The ear pin actually makes my ears look good.






#MustHave @BedBathBeyond!





We got two $25 gift cards from my cousin and her family and a $10 gift card from Bear’s optometry rebate so we decided to get new towels (finally) and a toaster (oven).

Toaster oven was way overpriced #BedBathandBeyond so we just got two bath towels.

Super soft, super white and a great deal!

We’ll be getting the toaster oven on #Amazon.

#MustTry #snacking

Tyler loves Takis and he found this at the Korean market.

He wanted to try and secretly I did to.


At Ralph’s I found this.

I have a new jar of salsa at home so I didn’t get but I must next time!

I’ve been trying to be good about not buying excessive things after reason my friend’s blog about no waste living.



Went to the Guess Factory store at their corporate office again and found this shirt. Don’t worry, I didn’t purchase it. :P

In memory of my license plate on my first car!



I bought some stuff but got changed back into my #DW…


I originally went there to look for more of those damn v necks that I love!!!

Of course they didn’t have any.

I am on the search!

@artdotcom #home #office #art

More goodies!



One for my bathroom, and one for the office (real office) or home office.
I need to get it framed though :(

I’ll post the other once I get it framed.

This photo (my fave) will go in my bathroom.

It’s on canvas and it depicts my life truthfully. I can’t say whether it’s a good thing or not. :P


I purchased this on


Right now they have 25% off for all orders!

Use Ebates or Mr. Rebates for money back!

Visit to @JustRideLA



Domino Denim
Nike Flyknit
Yves Salomon Fox Fur Vest
Blair’s Flannel
White Burnout Tee

Shop through Ebates or Mr. Rebates!


Bear went shopping for a bicycle at Just Ride LA on Saturday and I found one that I wanted. Not that I would be the one cycling. I just want to sit in the back basket while Bear drives. :)

He got a deal on Livingsocial for a $100 credit for… I don’t remember. It was a good deal, good enough because Bear purchased it.

Once he gets a bicycle he’ll be riding it to work and back. My little Bear on a bike!





I wanted a tandem bike, but he’d be doing all the work. Just like the photo below. :)



Koreans & their #Mercedes & #BMWs

I find it obvious and hilarious to see comments from other Koreans on my Korean friend’s #facebook post.

“Getting rid of my car in May. Need to lease or buy a car. Does anyone want me to buy or take over their lease? Wanting to see what my options are?”

Everyone and their unborn children came screaming BMW & Mercedes.

I of course rooted for my Toyota Prius.

It makes me laugh that I could come to this point in my life where I’m ok driving a great car that doesn’t have a luxury name attached to it but I still see other Koreans who would die without it.

It took a lot (time and others) to get to where I am today. To be happy with not having what everyone else has.

I grew up with Mercedes, BMWs, Range Rovers (not the sport, please) and I had to downgrade.

1. If you own a house and can afford the maintenance and gas for the luxury vehicle, good for you!

2. If you live in an apartment and NEED to drive you C-class or BMW 2/3/4 series, you need to re-evaluate your life.

3. If you don’t care about cars, but feel the need to drive a Mercedes or BMW because, well all your friends drive one, well you need a better self esteem.

When will Koreans learn that their showy behavior will only attract leeches and create a self hating jealous being that will never be happy with what they have because they associate everything with name brands and what people think.

If I can move forward, so can you.

If I can’t have the M6 or the S550, I’m good on the Mercedes & BMW.

You’re welcome!


I’ve been going through a lot of emotional crap lately in my personal life and I’ve been crying a lot.

Thanks to Bear and my mom whom have helped me immensely to get through the past month.

While shopping for Bear’s home necessities, we came to Chung’s Appliance in #KTOWN to grab some things.

I’d prefer to go to Kim’s Appliance since I’m a Kim but the parking sucks and Chung’s is WAY bigger and better.

At the checkout line, I noticed these cute handkerchiefs in a basket. They had four different styles but I obviously wanted the one with the bear.

“Bear Baby” is what is says. It is so cute and so handy!

I bought two, one I kept at home and the other I carry it around in my purse.

I’ve actually been using it a lot.

There are times when randomly my nose will get runny, my eyes will water or I’ll start to cry because I’m sad.

This little piece of cloth saved me all those times!

We went back yesterday and I picked up more…

A lady should always carry a hanky.



@Artdotcom for the #Home

Been obsessed over the site trying to figure out what type of artwork I want to hang up in my office.

One finally came… my obsession over cute animals (penguins, pandas & bunnies) have taken over my life.

I hope that by looking at this, it will brighten up my day and help me smile a little more.

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IMG_5371 IMG_5372


Looks like people are looking for these since they’re sold out in most stores.

First, make sure you check both of these to get the highest rebate

Mr. Rebates


Second, Sunglass H
ut has them in store and so does Bloomingdale’s!

Third, they are ‘Color: Multicolor / Green’ in 58mm