No Need To Iron! #Steamer

My purple steamer broke and even though I have lifetime warranty, I decided not to turn it in. I should’ve just gotten this to begin with after I saw Jo using it. I just gravitate towards anything purple, I can’t help it.

This is the best thing ever and we can travel with it. Thank GOD Jo will be bringing hers to Paris cause I don’t have room for in in my luggage. :P

Pure Enrichment PureSteam Fabric Steamer – White

@RubyStellaInc, Can’t Live Without

Life just isn’t complete without #RUBYSTELLA pieces.

This is my go to gift for my friends because I feel that every girl or gay boy should have one #staple from #RubyStella.

Their jewelry is timeless and aside from it being so fierce (insert other positive adjectives), it’s necessary to have and wear every day with your #ootd and #ootn.

What I love most about their simple floating heart and butterfly pieces are that they are reflective and it stands out so much in photos, snaps and in person.

This is the best first starter piece while you save your money for the rest of their stunning work of arts!


@HerschelSupply #MustHaves

I got a hip-sack for Paris and the site had free shipping for $100 or more so I added a few more things in my cart.

1. Herschel Supply Co. Anchor Sleeve for Ipad Air (yes in purple, it’s so pretty!)
2. Herschel Supply Co. Passport Holder (yes in purple, isn’t is so pretty even though it’s not Goyard?)


I didn’t take a photo of the hip-sack (fanny pack) cause my room is a mess, but it is so fucking awesome. Usually I don’t like their stuff cause it has the Herschel logo everywhere, but this one didn’t and the fabric was in velvet, so it looked designer-ish and fashionable. Def. something I strive for, to be chic and put together.

I love that it has a bunch of compartments for cards and such so I don’t have to carry a wallet with it. :)

Herschel Supply Co. Scarlett, Black, One Size

@Hermes_Paris #MustHave @SouthCoastPlaza

Went to Hermes to get Bear’s birthday gift but I got distracted. This piece is sofa king gorgeous. I also got in trouble for taking this photo. At least I got it. :P No picture policy at Hermes. I wouldn’t know, I never go in there!

Collier de Chien Cuff – Hermes bracelet in rose gold with diamonds


#DW #DoingJim @BeyondYoga

Love my workout pants. Makes me feel sexy when I’m most disgusting. Most of the time, I’m sweating like a pig, but who’s paying attention to my sweaty face when you get a peep of my legs and skin!!

Women’s Beyond Yoga ‘Make Waves’ Mesh Inset Leggings – Blue