Off the wall

When I see a wall I like, I ask Bear Baby to take a photo of me.

This wall was pink, I think it was also Tiffany & Co at the Country Club Plaza.


RayBan Mirrored Frames – Copper
J Brand Cutoff Shorts
Zara Tank
Ruby Stella Jewelry
Standard Style Shopping Bag





IMG_2005 IMG_2001





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Cheaper the Better #MustHave

Man, if I decide to do this whole no shopping thing for a year… I’m gonna go a bit crazy I think.

There are always so many things to buy!

I’m particularly in love with this.

I’ve come to a realization that I can no longer purchase expensive shoes without feeling so guilty that I want to commit suicide.

Being broke is depressing and being broker than all my friends is even worse.

(Broke meaning, I can’t buy Prada, Valentino… name brand shit)

I’ve also learned that if I never went out partying in my name brand shit, I would still have them to wear.

My problem was, I got too drunk and I messed them up so much that I couldn’t even repair them.

Note to self: Buy cheap shoes to go out in and thrash and keep the nice shit for dinners and date nights.

Who’s looking at my feet anyway when we’re all shit faced!



Now, I’ve never owned a pair of Nine West shoes. How’s the sizing?

#Basic #DW

Silence + Noise Drew V-Neck Tee

Rag & Bone Stretch Skinny Jeans


Shipping is free on all orders over $50 at

(Shirt from Urban)

So I just got these in this week. Wore one yesterday and the other today. Absolutely LOVE!

Thin, light and deeeeeeeeeeep V! Ordered Small and it’s still loose enough!


I always need options!

I want to smell different every day. Different occasions call for different scents.

They fall in the category of basic, special & extremely special~

From left to right:

Sea Island Cotton Bath & Body Works

Petite Cherie Annick Goutal

Neosporin Daily Body Wash

Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste


Ready for Fall

Budget Shopping at it’s finest… F21

Even though I haven’t started the No Shopping for a year challenge, I’m already starting to feel the withdrawals!

I’m also noticing that all my color schemes are black, white and gray.

I was such a chump before. I never liked F21, but not I love them. Can’t get enough cheap shit!

Tartan Plaid Blouse


Striped Snoopy Graphic Tee


Heathered Perfection Graphic Tank



V-Neckline Dolphin Sweater

Ribbed Knit Boxy Top

Faux Leather Lace-Up Booties


No Shopping For A Year??? cc: @JoslynDavis

When I was scrolling though my instagram, I saw my middle/high school friend Joslyn Davis post something about not buying any clothes for a year.

I was in Kansas so I had not planned on getting on a computer all weekend but knew that as soon as I got to LA, I would look into this.

(read below)

I thought “what a great idea! Will I be able to do this for a whole year?”

Since I am getting married, I know that it will be a challenge for me because I would justify articles of clothing to accommodate my events. Such as bridal shower, bachelorette party and engagement party.

I guess that would be the real challenge. Not to buy anything!

I guess I can still look and show you what I would buy if I wasn’t doing the challenge but how little fun would that be for me?

I’m not sure if I’d be able to go through with it, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t try.

I wonder if any of my friends would do it with me?

What are your thoughts? Can or can’t do?


Love and NEED these in my life! Been looking at animal print pumps for a bit now and the ones with the beautiful print are super expensive and the cheap ones are not so aesthetically appealing.

I found this ig account and love their shoes, especially their prices.

I couldn’t find the pumps but I did find other heels by them and I may max out my card buying all of them!

Schutz Women Shoes

Schutz Oficial Instagram

Weekend Shade #Shady

Only brought one pair to last me through the weekend. Found these to be my favorite pair of sunglasses.

Right now I have 4 pairs. 3 Flash lens from Ray Ban and one Celine.
Rose color flash lens to match my complexion! :P

Sunglasses With Flash Lenses



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