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Custom #WeddingDress @TWDSkater

After being shocked at the price tag of the dress maker in KTOWN, I had a brilliant idea.

I knew I wanted to get the skirt and top made separately. Actually, I thought I would get the skirt made and find a top in stores to match.

I used to figure skate and had custom dresses made for my competition as a child.

I remember the construction and the detail of the dress would be exactly what I wanted.

I wanted a nude mesh with a fabric/lace overlay with crystals all over.

I searched online and came across this site, The Well Dressed Skater.

They were local and was willing to meet.

My gosh, how cute they were. They are a mother and daughter team who designs and creates competitive figure skating dresses.

The mother even designs her own gowns for special events!

I was lucky to find such wonderful people to work with for my leotard.

I wouldn’t need a dress per se but what the figure skating dress is made of is just what I need.

The unusual request did not scare them off, in fact, it was welcomed with open arms~

We picked out the fabric for the nude mesh to match my skin tone and now I just have to get fabric/lace ideas for the overlay.

The design part comes later, but I did get measured and it’ll be in a month or less that I’ll get fitted.

I better get my ass to do JIM!



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#CamObsessed @MichaelKors

Went to Century City Mall the other day with JO and couldn’t help but notice how Michael Kors is totally ripping off every premium designer, Valentino, Prada, Hermes…

I saw the calf hair slip ons and I loved! I also loved the camo bags they had but I’d rather have the Valentino~

MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Keaton’ Slip-On Sneaker


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Hermès, Jour d’Hermès has another scent called Absolu and it is just as magnificent as the original Jour d’Hermès.

It’s a bit pinker than the original and below, if you look close enough, it has Absolu written below.


Jour d’Hermès Absolu – Eau de parfum

I always want the body lotion and or cream and the shower gel.

I have yet to see the Absolu in those products but I feel like the base scent is similar enough that you’ll be able to get away with using the original lotion/cream and shower gel.

Jour d’Hermès – Perfumed body cream
Jour d’Hermès – Perfumed shower gel

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#SexyCleavage #Cosabella

Can’t take it off. LOVE Catalina’s bra that I’ve had since earlier in the month.

(I’m sorry girl but I wore it, A LOT)

Now I know why it’s so goddamn comfortable AND it looks SOFA KING AMAZING!

$125!!!! Yeah, it’s a lot but I say totally worth it!

I’m getting black and white…

Cosabella Ceylon Braicon



-spend money on your intimates

-know which bras look good on you

-listen to your friends when they tell you to buy something!

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Bad Mother

Every time I want to get Tyler shoes, I have to text my ex-husband for his shoe size. Just recently, he told me Tyler was a size 3, so I got him a size 3. Guess what! It was too big.

Vans Camo Slip On


He grows uncontrollably and I can’t keep up. It’s crazy how time flies because he’s already starting the 5th grade and soon he won’t let me be in the bathroom when he showers. He already doesn’t want to kiss me in public. :( has the best Back to School stuff for kids! Although I don’t need to get so much since he’s with me during the weekends, I still want to get him another pair of shoes that will actually fit him!

I’m thinking of getting another pair for Tyler since he currently does not have any shoes to wear. (His old one is too small) :(

Thinking of getting these:

‘Star Wars™ – Darth Vader’ Special Edition Slip-On