@Snoopy #Obsession

I’ve gone overboard. I purchased the F21 Peanuts Sweater on 7/13/14.

I wanted a second but it was sold out and they replenished on 7/25/14 so I bought another.

When I received the 2nd one, the quality and sizing was completely different.

Thank God I got a medium the second time around because the following cut was shorter and much smaller.

My plan was to wear it for a while, possibly through my future pregnancies so I wanted a bigger size.

Plus, I wash my clothes too often that it shrinks, A LOT.

The other day, I got an email from a reader (THANK YOU!) and she pointed out another Snoopy Sweater from Zara!

I like how the whole gang isn’t on the sweater and it’s just Snoopy and Woodstock.

BUT, the sweater is TOO long! It’s a sweater dress (and btw, that skirt they paired it with is hideous) and I’m a shorty.

Short people and long sweaters do not mesh well. Just like Korean men and me. :P

I’m still debating if I want it. Well, of course I want it, but do I really need a third? Especially since it’s more than double the price and super long?

Decisions Decisions.



The model is very cute though. Japanese or Korean I’d say.

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Fall Is Coming! #MustHave

I have over the knee boots from Aldo that are shit right now and I came across these and I must save money to purchase it!

It has a little bit of a heel so it’s perfect for a shorty like me.

It’s not too high for it to be uncomfortable and not to low for it to be too casual.

I hate heels so when I find something this exotic that can be played up or down, I MUST HAVE IT!

Reserve Stretch Suede Boots by Stuart Weitzman



#WeddingDress Search

ASOS Full Maxi Dress With Sheer And Solid Panels

Use Ebates.com and Mr. Rebates!


I thought it would work with jewelry and such but it didn’t.

It was too casual and the boobie part had the weird stitching by the nipple areas. I hate that.

The dress was cute but very low quality.

I want cheap but not this cheap!







I didn’t want to stand on the floor since I didn’t have heels and I didn’t want it to get dirty.


#ForHim @RayBan #Camo

We both love camo so when there is something camo, we get it for each other.

Hence, my luggage and now this.

Saw this on IG and had to get it!


Available on Ebates & Mr. Rebates! Don’t forget to click my <—– links!

I could have gotten him the purple, but I didn’t. I was being #selfless. :P