Movie Night @Petersen_Museum

Sent in an RSVP for movie night at the Petersen Automotive Museum few weeks back. Cars 2 was screening and I know how much Tyler loves the Cars films.

He was happy about it and it was the perfect way to spend the day. I of course made the family leave right before the end of the movie since I didn’t want to leave with everyone else. Traffic and bottlenecking is irritating.

I wish we had been able to have our wedding here. It would’ve been my ideal place. Too bad it’s so freaking expensive!





Growing Feet

Tyler did not fit into the #Camo Vans I got him. I texted his dad to see what size he was and of course when the shoes arrived, they didn’t fit.

Now I need to get him another pair. The camo ones are great for the future but he needs no shoes now…

He really liked these so hopefully he’ll be happy!

Vans Darth Vader Slip-On 


Bad Mother

Every time I want to get Tyler shoes, I have to text my ex-husband for his shoe size. Just recently, he told me Tyler was a size 3, so I got him a size 3. Guess what! It was too big.

Vans Camo Slip On


He grows uncontrollably and I can’t keep up. It’s crazy how time flies because he’s already starting the 5th grade and soon he won’t let me be in the bathroom when he showers. He already doesn’t want to kiss me in public. :( has the best Back to School stuff for kids! Although I don’t need to get so much since he’s with me during the weekends, I still want to get him another pair of shoes that will actually fit him!

I’m thinking of getting another pair for Tyler since he currently does not have any shoes to wear. (His old one is too small) :(

Thinking of getting these:

‘Star Wars™ – Darth Vader’ Special Edition Slip-On



Not customary to celebrate a 2nd child’s 100th day again, big, but Hayden was born with a heart condition so they weren’t sure if he would make it to his 1st birthday. :(

My cousin’s baby has to be monitored and gets a check up every month. It is something that can be healed so we’re all praying that he can live a healthy life!
Happy 100th day! IMG_2233.JPG











It’s always great to see my family. Aunts, uncles, grandmother, cousins, children and family friends.