#AutoJournal @Petersen_Museum

I love that Petersen Automotive Museum has events for interested parties because I definitely enjoy attending it.

This past Saturday was a Journalism Seminar with some head honchos of the publishing world.



From left to right: Matt Farah, Blake Rong, Mark Hoyer, A.J. Gordon.



Left to right: A.J., Jeff Glucker, Aaron Robinson, Elana Scherr, Matt D’Andria, Dave Undercoffler, Dave Kunz and KJ Jones.




Some of the guest speakers brought their press cars to exhibit.








It was a series of questions to the panel from the moderator, background information from each guests, questions from the audience and a networking opportunity.

I felt that they answered most of my questions during the Q&A so I just went to look at the cars.

The only person I was interested in meeting was Aaron Robinson of Car & Driver.

I always told myself (and I’ve told Bear Baby this before) that if I were to ever meet an Editor from Car & Driver, I would ask why their online presence in social media isn’t as large as Motor Trend and if I could be the face of their video car reviews. :P

Well, Aaron mentioned that Car & Driver is not investing any money into their YouTube because videos do not generate revenue. This was one of the main topics of the panel too.

Everyone is having to find other ways to generate money from the videos that are being produced either by ads within the content or subscriptions.

I told Aaron that I had been subscribing the Car & Driver since I was in elementary school and still do but Motor Trend keeps me more interested because of their social media reach. Nowadays I feel like every brand has to have a social media presence.

I wanted to tell him that I’d do the videos for free but they would still have to pay someone for the production aspect. :(

He talked about how the videos can’t be monetized unless they were Top Gear type of videos with $1 million budgets. I didn’t say it out loud but I was thinking, “you just need better content”.

Honestly, out of the 30-40 people that attended, only 3-5 were girls and I was the cutest.

I’m not saying I know a shit ton about cars but I know enough to know what I’m talking about and it’s the host people are drawn to. Like someone in the panel said, you just need to entertain the viewer and not make the content drag out.

They did all agree that just because you love cars doesn’t mean this is for you. You need another component other than just liking cars. You need a skill to either, write, produce, edit, whatever.

This seminar opened my eyes and confirmed my dream career to be an on camera host talking about cars.

If they want to get the women audience (which I honestly don’t think they care about), they should have a women talk about the cars the way women want to hear. :P


Either way, thank you Petersen Museum for hosting this event and I’ll be looking forward to the new Petersen Museum in November next year!

Good luck in the construction!

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Bummed that I am not allowed to upgrade until November especially because I thought I was able to upgrade in September.

I got home from Texas and tried to pre-order but it wouldn’t allow me.

Which I’m ok with because the ship date for the iPhone 6 was November! What a joke!

At least I’ll have time to figure out how to customize my #iPhone6 case!

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My wish was to be able to have friends like these until the end of time. Every birthday that comes around, I’m forever grateful for the souls in my life. I wouldn’t be who I am without every single person. I learn and grow from the dearest around me and I hope to be able to give something back.


Prior to this dinner, I was apprehensive about wanting to celebrate. I didn’t want to do anything this year and I felt bad burdening people. Over the course of the evening, I was extremely happy about the get together. I wish to be humbled in every experience and celebrating with people who respect me just as much as I respect them was a treat.

People grow out of friendships but I just keep growing into mine. At least the ones that count.

Thank you again and my wish is forever granted with all of you in my life!







Have lady friends.

Eat the cake that matters most!

Keep friends skinny. :P

(pictured: Red Velvet Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. HEAVEN)