We got a pumpkin for Tyler to carve but he ended up being at his dad’s the last two weekends for family stuff so we ended up carving it ourselves.

Bear Baby found a panda form to copy online! He drew it and he carved it all himself!

He also did this pointy thing on the lid. I’ve never seen it before. He said it’s to know where to cap it. He also said, “it’s a white person thing”. LOL he’s catching on! So glad we have the same sense of humor. Almost!

Our panda is so cute! IMG_5600.JPG









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#HashTagPhotobooth #HumpDay

The best #photobooth service ever!

We got to experience this style at some party before… I forget which party. :P

The quality of photo, area of space and instantaneous service is what makes it the best!






My eyes were closed in most, hahahahha







If you need a #photobooth service, I say use them!

Bridesmaids Gift


The bridesmaid situation was a headache and now that I am not having a wedding, I don’t need to deal with it anymore.

The only two that was a sure bet got their gifts and the other two … well, since I’m not having a wedding…

That’s my answer. I’m not having a wedding, therefore I do NOT have any bridesmaids.

I got the acrylic cases from NTD. They have the best of everything! Well, everything that goes into a retail store.

I got the cards made from Etsy and I added my favorites into the case.

Photos of us, #RubyStella bracelet, Bear Baby handkerchief, Dior Addict Lip Glow, and a notepad with their name.





It was cute. If I were my bridesmaid, I would be happy.

So different from my first wedding. We didn’t do things like this. We just got them a gift and gave it to them on the day of the wedding. There wasn’t a special way to announce or ask to be a bridesmaid. I just said, “you’re going to be one,” 5xs. :P

Arrival of #COACHXPEANUTS @COACH @Snoopy

Finally (and quickly) it arrived! THANK YOU BEAR BABY!

I was actually told that the medium bear was 14.25″ tall but it’s only around 11″. I was lied to and I’m not happy about it.

I was hoping it was the small Snoopy but it’s the medium, it states on the tag.

It’s much smaller than I wanted, too bad. I really wanted the big one but I guess I’ll have to live with it… Or sell it!

I told Bear Baby that if it sells for A LOT on eBay, I’m going to sell it and I get to keep the money and buy something else. I will also keep the profit! :P He laughed when I told him that. Laughed really loud and really long. O.O

The small arrives today and we will be selling it for sure!





Been a long time…

Wore out my #Louboutin out and man my feet are still killing me.

My legs are sore too and it’s not from the #kettleball class I took last weekend with JO. That’s still sore too, though.

The shoes were more comfortable than the #Manolos but by the end of the night… they weren’t.

AND, they were big on me. My feet lost weight, Terry said. :PIMG_5436


@ScionRacing Pre-Party #SEMA

Thank you for the invite…!!!

Last night was the #Scion Pre-Party for #SEMA and the three little piglets went out to have some fun!

Jo actually didn’t drink a drop! I was so proud! As for me… well, I didn’t feel so well in the middle of the night.

Now I feel fine, ready for Round 2 tonight for Halloween Eve!

I saw a lot of faces that I thought I’d never see after #FormulaDrift.

It’s funny, most of them didn’t recognize me because I wasn’t in my Hankook shirt. :P

Thank you again, Scion! We had a blast!



 Best #PhotoBooth EVER!








 I think I had four #GreyGoose on the rocks. :P


 We got #photobombed




Finally got to hang out with Mr. Editor in Chief of Motor Trend!



THANKS #SCION for a great night!

#Henna #Tattoo Addict

I had a Harley Davidson audition in El Segundo so I found a henna place on the way home to #DTLA. I wanted to go to the first place I went to get henna but Artesia would have been too far to get back in time.

I was impressed by her design and detail. The henna seemed different but I didn’t think it would be when it came off.

After she was done with the design, she blow-dried my hand and put a lemon juice ointment thing on it.She said it would help make the color darker.

I paid almost triple what I paid last time ($25 + $10 tip, 1st time : $10 + $10 tip) and I get it… It’s the time, effort, design, detail and all that stuff but if it’s not great quality, none of that really matters!

As I was paying (which at the moment, I didn’t care how much) the lady told me to not wash it off and to leave it alone for 3-4 hours!!! I shrieked because I told her I had to be somewhere at 7pm and I needed to go home and curl my hair.

I hoped that by the time I got home, it would have stained more than the last time. I assumed everything different they did would make it look darker than the first place.

When I got home, it started to crack and I could see the stained design on my skin. The surprise was, it wasn’t dark. It was light and I needed to curl my hair!

I ended up curling my hair with one hand, which btw, it is impossible and I’m more grateful NOW, to have, two hands. I washed it off and was supremely disappointed in the outcome. It was faint and from afar, it looked like I got a burn on my hand. It was orange and not cute. I was leaving to a party shortly and I was actually embarrassed about showing my hand. :(

The place I went to was Daxa Beauty & Threading Salon, don’t go here.






How it looks now…


1st Timer @PureOrganicTan! #AirbrushTan

My first time EVER trying #airbrush #tan and I don’t know what took me so long to start this!

I used to do mystic but the smell was really bad and I hated that that I had to drive to a salon.

I like one of a kind thing. I also like personalized services. The best part of all this is that the whole idea of getting spray tan (100% organic, btw) to my convenience is totally fabulous! AND, we all know how fabulous I want to live (or at least try to).

Pure Organic Tan is a mobile service that can service you in 10-15 minutes.

The only scent I smelled was of cotton candy. She applied a powder on areas that crease and it smelled so delicious. Even so that my fiancé kept sniffing my neck telling me how sweet I smelled.

I stepped into this egg shaped dome and Jill did her magic!





After (next am before my shower)

Photos don’t do justice. The color is gorgeous, as if I laid out in Bora Bora for a weekend…


 When I showered, the color came off, but it’s totally normal.



 This is the best thing I’ve ever done. I felt so much prettier as soon as I was done. I need a tan year around and I will be only using Pure Organic Tan. I know most women like to tan as well so I say at least try it once!

Best ever!

Pure Organic Tan IG
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Pure Organic Tan Twitter


Live a Tan-rrific life! WE all look better with a tan, and slimmer!