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#SexyCleavage #Cosabella

Can’t take it off. LOVE Catalina’s bra that I’ve had since earlier in the month.

(I’m sorry girl but I wore it, A LOT)

Now I know why it’s so goddamn comfortable AND it looks SOFA KING AMAZING!

$125!!!! Yeah, it’s a lot but I say totally worth it!

I’m getting black and white…

Cosabella Ceylon Braicon



-spend money on your intimates

-know which bras look good on you

-listen to your friends when they tell you to buy something!

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First Night On The Job

I always knew I had some power over men and I never thought I’d use it to make a living.

How I decided to be a bartender was solely on the decision of making cash just like my hubby.

She had been working in the nightlife scene for over 8 years and she had her abundance of freedom and cash money!

I was always envious of her free daytime and the ability to sleep in whenever and however long.

She always talked to me about it and I always asked about it.

I was interested in the money.

I had just broken up with an ex and I was ready to get back into acting (2008), I needed my days free for auditions and my nights were only open for free meals dates.

I didn’t know anything about tending bar, so I took the classes and got the useless certification.

I don’t know why but I have always been afraid of American companies. Every job I’ve had, it was a Korean boss.

My first instinct was to work at the Korean club. It was a catch 22. I needed experience and I didn’t have experience.

My cousin’s husband’s friend was a manager at a bar/karaoke in #KTOWN and he said he’d get me an interview.

I was nervous, anxious and excited.

Granted my first job as a bartender wasn’t really bartending.

You see, Korean bars don’t mix drinks.

If you”re decent looking, have two working hands and can speak English, Korean or both, you’re in!

I was in.

I didn’t last long at the bar. It wasn’t my personality to kiss ass and ‘worship’ the patron for measly $50-$100.

As our job, we poured the hard liquor (mostly whiskey) in a shot glass. Pour the beer (Hite) in the beer glass. Pour the shot in the beer glass, squeeze lime, add ice, mix it around and pour the drink mix into another glass draining the liquid.

The whole idea was to make the best poktanju (폭탄주) (“bomb drink”).

The manager swore hers was the best. OF course, bitch, you’ve been a madam manager for how many years and how old are you? (She was probably nearing 40).

I didn’t care for beer nor did I care for whiskey so the hardest part of the job was to drink with the patrons.

Oh right, in Korean establishments, it’s encouraged to drink with your customers. Better tolerance = better tips.

I was at the lowest point in my life. I had just returned my 6-series lease and my mom wasn’t going to help me pay for my car payments. (I’ve never paid for car payments until this point in my life).

I ended up getting a VW Beetle Convertible because it was cute. I was okay the first day I got it. The days after that for the following two years (shortest lease), I was miserable and embarrassed.

No one knew me at the bar, but everyone loved me. When I did see someone I knew or that knew of me through a friend I wanted to go hide.

I didn’t last long at the bar. I was there no more than a month.

Parao was the name. It was the old Pointe at the basement of Aroma Center.

My next move was to Le Cercle. At first they wouldn’t hire me. It was my first interview before I went to Parao.

Then, I went back after I gained some ‘experience’. HA! What a crock of shit.

I did almost the same thing except mix hard liquor with beer. I just poured 1oz shots for $12.00 and sold bottles of the large Hite for $10.00.

But at least I didn’t have to sit and talk and listen to Korean men talk about how amazing they were and how I should go out with them.

I was over being a fucking bartender at a Korean bar. I felt like a hooker without doing the hooking.

I promised myself one thing, I will not be bartending when I turned 30.

I will say this, for the month that I worked, I had enough money to spend and play and have my days free. I was a vampire and slept most days but I enjoyed my freedom. I also enjoyed the attention because I will say that I was the most beautiful Korean girl they saw and could approach. :P

to be continued…

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It wasn’t me!

I wasn’t driving!

Bear Baby had JUST pulled out of a parking spot and started to move forward when he noticed the BMW was pulling out as we were still in the aisle. He tried to step on the accelerator but it was too late, as the BMW had clipped my butt with their passenger side rear bumper.

I couldn’t believe my bumper fell off. Even more weird is that lego piece looking thing under my bumper in the photo right below was Styrofoam.

Why the fuck is there Styrofoam internally in my car. :/

Obviously, it’s not our fault.

I felt bad for the girls in the car because they called a Korean Taxi to drive their car home and this happened.

Oh well, I’m just glad it wasn’t me! :P

This car is becoming a nuisance.

Bear Baby, can I please get a new car now?



I refuse to drive my car like this, so now I’m driving Bear Baby’s car everywhere.

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Strolling through Bloomingdale’s (a department store I’m actually comfortable in) and I noticed these booties and had to try them on immediately.

I put on one side and then asked the SA for the other side.

Giuseppe Zanotti Bootie





I know these are the types of shoes I can only wear out a few times before getting sick of them or being known as the girl with one one pair of boots but I want them so badly!

These were super flashy on the shelf but not as flashy as it looked, on.

They scream out my name!