It’s funny that I’m marrying the first white guy I’ve dated.

I never dated a white guy because 1. I didn’t want to date a guy with #yellowfever. 2. I never thought they would find me attractive. 3. I thought they would always make me pay for half. :P

My opinion about the term #yellowfever mellowed out. I recently realized that it’s not anyone’s fault for liking what they like. Granted some men like Asian women just because they are Asian but hey, what’s it to me? It’s not my problem. If a guy can’t see the difference between a beautiful Asian woman vs an ugly Asian women, more power to them.

I never thought I would marry Bear Baby.

Prior to our first date, I told myself that I was just going to have fun and step out of the box and just out with him.

The first date turned into seeing him every day after that. :)

I’m basing this off of my experiences from dating only Korean guys and one white guy so what I’m about to list isn’t necessarily true to all men.

Korean guys can’t communicate. They can’t express how they feel and allows their temper and anger arise when something bothers them. They expect you to give them respect without giving any in return. Korean men are so prideful and stubborn and will not apologize for their wrong doings. Most even think that going to clubs and drinking places where the have paid girls sitting next to them is acceptable. They are mostly all talk and no action. Most are superficial and floss things they bought on credit. Driving luxury cars in their parents’ names and living in a studio or one bedroom apartment is the lifestyle they live. They are so worried about what their parents think of you, that even if they truly loved you, if their parents didn’t approve, they would listen. The families are even worse. The parents are so judgmental and expecting. They want you to cater and serve their son, not because you want to but because you should. Korean men will also make you feel like you won’t be able to do any better. They will try to have a power over you and get very possessive and jealous. They’re just an all around piece of crap. I don’t know how I was able to deal with them for so long. They definitely know how to make you feel inferior and lose all self confidence.

Things I’ve learned with my white boyfriend.

He communicated very well, without ever getting upset or angry. There is never any drama and things are always worked out. He is supportive and praises everything that I do. He appreciated every little thing I do for him. He’s practical and not superficial. He knows how to save money and think about the future for me, him, Tyler, US. He is kind and never makes judgement. He is always more than willing to do anything I ask of him. Family wise, they are truly so wonderful. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. They did not judge me for my past and are always loving and caring. They too are very appreciative and understanding. Everything is just perfect.

I know what I’ve been through doesn’t put in stone of how Korean men are but I think it can apply to most.

Korean mama’s boy and a white mama’s boy is completely different. Korean men want from their wife exactly how their mother treats them. (Like a little boy). Picking up after them, cooking, cleaning and catering. My fiance does everything himself and it makes me want to do more because he doesn’t expect me to do it.

I thought the cultural difference would be difficult to get used to but I feel more comfortable with my fiance than I ever did with any of my exes.

I actually feel like I’m dating a man, not a boy.

For the sake of #worldpeace, I think we should all marry outside of our ethnicity. :P

As for dating, I think it is wise to date outside of your race and explore the other options and upbringing to see which is the right fit for you.

I believe that there is that one person in the world for you and you just need to focus on yourself until the right time and person comes along.

Everything is about timing. If he/she seems perfect but timing is bad, they’re not your #soulmate.

Just be patient and true love will find you.

I can’t imagine being with anyone else other than Bear Baby. :)

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