Stopped by Dino’s, the best place for chicken!

He wanted Lucky Boy’s, I suggested Panda Express Innovation Kitchen, Myung Dong, Dino’s, The Dragon, McDonalds and In N Out.

I just let him surprise me because I couldn’t decide.

The trick is to not let me have a choice and not tell me beforehand because I will change your mind.

Bear Baby picked Dino’s!!!

We got the DUI & the Chicken plate. Wanted quesadilla but this location didn’t have it.




#Thinspiration #DW @LuluLemon

I love camo as you already know. I had to get some motivational pieces.

Energy Bra
Wunder Under Pant
Flow Y Bra IV

All in Savasana Camo 20cm New Black

Thanks to the Lululemon gift card I got, I was able to spend it on something worthwhile and not just crap.

I’ve been eyeing the site for women’s camo gear. They came out with a men’s a while back and I guess they just realized that camo is #unisex!



Happy Day!





The only thing I wanted to do was chill by the pool and sleep.

I’ve been intolerant to social surroundings.

Can’t enjoy company and too lacy to be accommodating.

It’s too much work to be pleasant.

Need a quick wake up call to break out of this hump. Either way this weekend was well worth it. Needed some R&R.

Thanks to Jo for setting it up!