I slept most of the am and afternoon.

Bear wanted to go hit balls and I needed some subjects to shoot.

Only reason I went. He actually pulled over the side of the fwy for me this time


Then to the market cause he’s going to make me dinner!

Parked behind us when we got out. Fellow #Italia~


Still getting used to bringing bags.


#Veuve was from hubby. We got the #chandon today. I’ll drink the cheapest.


Tonight’s recipe.



First I start with this while the champagne chills.


I was able to get two subjects today. I still need about seven.

Need 10 for the final but want to have more, just in case.

I tried to get Bear to take a photo of me taking a photo on the side of the freeway but he refused.

He’s ring super cautious, he doesn’t want me to die, hello?


It would have been cool.

So Bear is cooking now and he asks that I not be in his way. So I cleaned the bathroom but as I was bending over, my body chain broke.

I need to lose weight.

Tonight is my last #hoorah. I need to do Jim ASAP everyday.

I’m suppose to start tomorrow.


I get their point but it’s dumb. With all the crap people feed their kids these days, it’s smart to keep kids on track of their weight and health.

This photo is useless and doesn’t get the point across.

Don’t have your child worry about their physical health? Let them do and eat whatever they want without worrying about their weight?

Ridiculous. Always be conscious of what crap you put into your mouth and your child’s.

It’s not about weight, yes I get it but it is about keeping track of your health.


I have this on my wall…


@artdotcom #home #office #art

More goodies!



One for my bathroom, and one for the office (real office) or home office.
I need to get it framed though :(

I’ll post the other once I get it framed.

This photo (my fave) will go in my bathroom.

It’s on canvas and it depicts my life truthfully. I can’t say whether it’s a good thing or not. :P


I purchased this on http://www.art.com/


Right now they have 25% off for all orders!

Use Ebates or Mr. Rebates for money back!

Back Again #doingJim @equinox

Haven’t been #doingjim since September.

Luckily I’ve stayed thin.

Bear started a new job so now the plan is to go together… On the days I don’t have class that is.

I’m still trying to convince him to go in the am before work.

It felt great to be back. Couldn’t do my usual 1 hour stairmaster but I say 45 minutes is enough for the first day back!

I actually made a bet with Bear in the beginning of the year.

I bet him that I would go to the gym 280 days out of this year starting 1/6/14, ending 1/6/15.

Yesterday was my first day back.

I’m running out of days! 😩






We had dinner after at #Chynnadimsum…

I was sure I was going to be over 105 this am since I had a drink and had a full dinner. But nope! I was only 104 and it’s because I worked out!

The benefits of #doingjim, I can eat dinner and still weigh under 105 the next am!