I get their point but it’s dumb. With all the crap people feed their kids these days, it’s smart to keep kids on track of their weight and health.

This photo is useless and doesn’t get the point across.

Don’t have your child worry about their physical health? Let them do and eat whatever they want without worrying about their weight?

Ridiculous. Always be conscious of what crap you put into your mouth and your child’s.

It’s not about weight, yes I get it but it is about keeping track of your health.


I have this on my wall…


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Elevator Etiquette

What is it truly?

Hold the door when someone is approaching?

Ask which floor they are going to when their hands are full? Or even when it’s not?

Let the ladies out first?

Let the people get out before entering?


Mind your own business?

Now does this all change when a cleaning lady of the building walks in and asks to push a floor for her?

What’s the difference if a non custodian of the building asks?

Should our mannerisms and attitude change simply because of the person’s stature?

Who are we to judge when we should or should not be polite and courteous.

This post stemmed from a fb post my friend posted about a cleaning lady strolling into the elevator with her cart and drink in hand. She then asked my friend to push a floor even though there were buttons on both side.

When I first read it, I got offended too. I, too, would have been perplexed by the demand but after reading the comments left on her status, it made me think.

We as humans like to categorize ourselves either in a lower or higher position than the next person. We should never rank ourselves to be better than anyone. This is something I struggle with and mostly everyone too.

We are all the same, whether you’re pushing an ice cream cart in the ghetto or holding a gavel in a courtroom. Treat everyone with the sincerity of your heart and it will be given in return.

So next time someone jumps in the elevator, throw a smile at them.

Who Does That?

Location: Los Angeles, ANYWHERE!

Crime: Parking in the yellow loading zone.

Be smart and utilize the perks of Los Angeles street parking.


In case you didn’t know, yellow loading zones are OKAY to park in on Sundays (all day)and 6:00pm – 7:00am Monday-Saturday.

Proof: http://ladot.lacity.org/tf_Colored_Curb_Zones.htm