Dinner with @XEvelynLinX @TerraCotta_LA

I had the pleasure of having dinner with this sweet little dumpling! 😛 We chatted about the intricacies of social media while stuffing our faces! She’s just as much as a foodie and have a huge following on the www. If you ever get a chance to meet her, you’ll realize she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is physically. My favorite part about her is that she’s soft-spoken!


Fixer @DrBarbaraSturm

I have been getting marks on my face after the gym and it’s been deterring me from wanting to go to the gym in the am! This product was recommended by my friend Catalina and I only used it a couple of times and the redness started to go away.

I honestly thought I was getting an allergic reaction from the detergent that Equinox was using. I don’t think it was. Heading to the dermatologist too to see what’s really the issue…

Calming Serum

#DoingJim @Equinox

I made it this am! Haven’t been to the gym in the am before work since I was in PS last month for three days. Then I got sick and then I got a visitor, aunt flow. Then my laziness kicked in.

It felt wonderful to be back working out. My stamina def. died.

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