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So I went to Vegas on Friday, left at 107 maybe 108.

I packed chicken again so I had that when I got in. MK and I drove and had McDonald’s breakfast. I wish it had been lunch time. I had an egg McMuffin without top bun and two packets of ketchup. I also had a sausage burrito and a small coke. I had a bunch or candy, mostly starbursts. I also had leftovers from Karved, a slice of digorno pizza. On Sunday I had cup ramen neoguri, bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a habit burger with no cheese no top bun. A few sips of coke. Came home and had rice leftovers Mastro’s bone in ribeye and korean side dishes and roasted seaweed.

I went to bed with a belly ache.


It’s crazy how bare my lashes are when they are all removed. I swear I had more lashes than what you see in my IG videos 15 years ago, when I first started to get eyelash extensions. Throughout the years, they obviously got more sparse because of the extensions but somehow my girl manages to place on an abundant amount to make it public worthy. I would never be able to walk around without eyelash extensions, even to give my lashes a break because I look crazy!

My girl uses 15mm length, volume lashes for my eyes. It’s almost like the Ardel Individual Lashes. That is how my eyes are able to transform from bare to full. They last a month for me because I do not wear eye makeup. I feel like with extensions, eye makeup is not necessary.

I also am a believer in keeping my extensions intact with a gel, it’s a brow gel but I use it for my lashes because it hardens it while it’s brushed out. I try to put it on after I wash my face and shower.

Yeana Beauty -(213) 210-9571

The clear brow gel that I use is Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. This is the best.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel – Clear

#WeighIn AM

Omggggg I made it to 106!

I had a korean sweet potato for breakfast and only rotisserie chicken with pita and my sandwich topper.

I had an iced coffee from Starbucks with a pump of white mocha and a splash of soy milk. I had a few bites of chicken before going out.

I only had two vodka waters at the club so that was that.

I kind of knew I’d be 106 because I ate so little trying to look good in an outfit I ended up covering up argh!!!!

@MissionClubNYC #Round2

JL and I went to Mission on my first night here and we had fun… after going to CT, Heather wanted to check it out with her friends so we went again! You know I can’t resist a night out at a club!

Mission is the old Circle. Korean club but not in Koreatown anymore. It was packed and super fun! The theme was Christmas in July and that is why the decor is out of season. LOL 😛

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