I recently got a new car….. and I don’t really like it. I have to keep telling myself that it’s really cute. Because I’ve had the luxury of driving really really nice cars, I just had to get over the embarrassment and make an adult decision. In the end, I got the car so I can save money and pay of my C/C bills.

I always thought of myself to be fascinating and that is why I started my blog many years back…

And even though I am embarrassed to be driving a beetle, I still have the ability to make things look cool and cute.

So the above picture is @ my cousin’s house. the one behind is my car and the first beetle is my cousin’s neighbor.

I drove to my cousins condo last week. As I left Mario the security told me the neighbors surrounded my car and was commenting on how cute it was. Couple days later they got the same car. I love to see people copying me. Although, I don’t get the recognition I want, it’s still rewarding to see that people love what I do, own, say, and eat…..

I took a picture with my camera phone last night since, the 2 cars looked so cute together!

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