Lunch @ Fernando’s

So there’s this Peruvian restaurant that I’ve been going to in my neighborhood. My friends from HS told me there was another place that was really good, Fernando’s.

I’m always a skeptic about going to a place I’ve never been, just in case it’s not as good as the one I’m used to.

So today I had lunch at the new place.
The food was surprisingly very tasty. Although the menu was a little different and they didn’t have what I usually order (so i can compare), what I ordered was very very tasty.

Arroz con Pollo

The reason why I love Peruvian food is because of the green sauce they have, Aji.

At the place I always go to (forgot the name cause it’s in Spanish) gives it to me in a plastic sauce thingy. Like what ketchup is in when you go to a hot dog place. So basically I can drench my food in Aji, this place gave it to me in a gravy boat (pictured above). I went thru 4 of them.

The bread was better at Fernando’s. I like both of them for different reasons, so now I’ll have a harder time deciding which one to go to when I crave Peruvian…

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