2nd Video

I’m sitting in the back of the car while the driver is driving me home.

I am finally starting to understand how the industry works. Upcoming crews work on upcoming artist’s videos.

I guess I never thought too deep into it, like everything else in my life.

At least I got a principal role and I’ll get exposure on mtv tres. Lol

The deeper I get into doing work, makes me think about my weight more. I really need to get going on making my body healthy & right.

I’ve been so busy and I’ve been loving it. Last night’s fashion show turned out to be a great success, minus the part where I smoked after have a drink and felt sick. I ended up throwing up my dinner from RFD and my shake from bfast. My bff had to come pick me up and drive me to his place. I usually feel better if I throw up but I kept getting dizzy after I would lift my head out of my puke. I was sweating like I finished a triathlon.

I went to bed around 4am, woke up @ 10 to drive home. Got home @ 11:30, took a shower and a 2 hour nap thinking that the driver was coming @ 3:30. I woke up to get stuff ready and the driver ended up being late due to traffic! I could’ve slept 4 more hours!

Now I’m on my way home and its 4:36am. I have several auditions tomorrow (just after I wake up). 10:40am, 1pm & 4:15pm. 2 in hwood & the last one in pasadena. Then I have an event @ 8pm in hwood again & working @ cercle @ 11pm. Then the following sunday morning I have a call time for the same video @ 10am in East LA and bartending for the last time @ PARAO @ 9pm. Luckily I don’t have shit to do Monday morning.

Oh FUCK!!!!!!! I’m moving my shit & ty’s furniture out of bb’s faux condo. I should’ve just moved everything 3 months ago. I don’t know why I keep putting myself into situations that I don’t want to be in.

I can’t wait to finally get some rest. This journey has been tiresome but well worth it cause I’m enjoying every bit of it. And to realize that I got held back 6 years cause of the 2 guys I will ever love in my life? I’m so regretting my decisions! Yes, “will ever love” cause I’m happy being single.

I don’t like the faux “honeymoon” stage in the beginning, cause I end up holding onto that memory even when shit goes bad.

I think I’m finally NOT boy crazy! I’m not focused on that. I’m too busy living life for me, not some loser who has to borrow money from my parents or charge my credit cards and use my credit to get a car.

Let’s hope that I don’t ever make that mistake again…..

Life is good, and I don’t do faux.

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