look @ how much crap I had! I’m so glad to finally get everything out of there and I’m so glad I’m not working this week so I can organize the junk away from the keepers…. It was mostly Tyler’s toys but still… SO MUCH CRAP!

Thankfully, my cousin K & my husband was there to help me move all my stuff with their pickups. My husband is on her 2nd day of the Master Cleanse, and I know it was really really hard for her to be moving around and being active, but that’s what husbands are for!

After the move, my cousin & I ate at the Corner Place, for some cool Dong Chee Mee noodles. So refreshing after a day of hard labor!

Now I’m dead tired and ready for a nap. I went to bed @ 3:30am and woke up @ 8am.

oh & last but not least!!! I got the BIKE too! GSXR1000!!! I’m probably going to trade it in for a 600 which I already went to take a look. 1000 has too much power. He was riding it, but it’s under my name so, I’m going to ride it now!!!! So excited!

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