I felt cheated on Halloween night since I worked and didn’t get invited to ANY after hour parties… lol so I was itching to go out and get drunk….

Luckily my friend H invited me to Foxtail. So I dragged out my cousin’s fiance HY and headed to what was the old LOBBY. I got to the club and immediately felt acquainted, but couldn’t think of the damn name of what it was before. I just remembered that DD had her bday party there 2 years ago. It was driving me crazy not knowing what it was called, thank god for GOOGLE! It was the first thing I did when I woke up.

I can’t believe how much fun I had. Great company & decent drinks. I say decent because they didn’t have my vodka Ciroc. I had to go to my 2nd choice…. Effen Black Cherry w/ sugarfree.

Here’s one of me in the bathroom, but not on the toilet this time. lol

My friend H. My hair looks horrible cause I had it in a ponytail and when I tried to re-tie it, the rubber band broke. =(

HY & me!!!!!!!!!

Some crazy faux blond girls who we allowed to come in to the bathroom with us cause the line was so long. Falon (like jimmy falon, so she said) on your left and the right… I don’t remember…

HY & Falon

Of course we ate afterwards, cause we’re so fat! Pipers was chosen place. I ordered Nachos and HY ordered half sandwich & soup. My cousin came later and ordered the delicious spaghetti.
As you can see, the plate of nachos is all gone and so is HY’s plate and soup bowl.

Let’s just say by the end of the night, I was very very pleased and satisfied on my night out! It’s rare that I feel that after going out usually.

Oh gawd! I just got a call from an unknown number, and it’s starting again. The prank caller that heavily breathes when I pick up. Lately I’ve been answering all my calls because it could be for auditions, but damn it. shouldn’t the guy be watching football? Must have been commercial.

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