Of course not sex, lol, @ BAYCITIES! I wanted to eat @ Le Pain, but we decided to go somewhere closer so I can get back home before traffic.

You know I can never turn down Le Pain, but time is more important now.

Basically they have all different kinds of veggies, meat, cheese, and other stuff. If you’ve been, thanks for not telling me about it!

I got gouda cheese, mustard, tomato and cucumbers on wheat bread! I know some of you thing that may be gross, but it was so good! And healthy!

Everything I like on wheat bread! I wanted alfa alfa sprouts, but they didn’t have any. Oh and I could how forget the hot chili peppers!

Heres a picture!

As you can see, they had my 2nd choice of bottled water. Panna, my first being Voss, flat of course. They put way too much cheese too! I took 3/4 of it off and ate the sandwich and the cheese seperately after! It was so yummmyyy!

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