Let me start with last night, then I’ll explain why I’m in such a great mood today!

We started off the night with 2 drinks each. My new vipini – V-I-Pini (Ciroc/Pineapple/sugarfree)

FF (Freckle Farm) & I both had a late lunch so we didn’t have dinner.

After the 2nd drink, we were feeling fuzzy…. and loopy… as you can see by FF’s actions!

(What were you saying? You’re not meant to have stress?)

Luckily my cousin got home and he was able to take some pictures of us. Don’t mind the messy background, I told you, I’m in the process of organizing! lol

(The only reason why I’m as tall as FF in this pic is cause I have my shoes on!)

We headed out in my beetle…. I was contemplating whether or not to take my mom’s car cause I’m still a little embarrassed about pulling up in mine, but WAY better than before! lol

We got there at 11pm and was escorted right in like always and the night started! FF was already drunk and was going around acting as my publicist. They had models there in front of a green screen and were reading a teleprompter. FF kept wanting to do it, so we did….

Look @ how short I am!!!!!!!

OF course I have my infamous toilet shot… but this time, I spiced it up a bit…

FF striking a pose!

We ended up leaving cause we were too fucked up. I didn’t even realize it was midnight when we left till this morning when I checked my call logs. (Something I have to do all the time cause I have butterfingers. lol I drunk dial, I admit it! lol Along with drunk BBM, Drunk text, Drunk kiss)

This was the outcome of our night…

Nite Nite FF!!!

Of course, I also DRUNK EAT! I stopped by Del Taco on the way home and asked FF while she was passing out if she wanted to eat. She said 2 chicken tacos and that was my reason to grab food. She immediately passed out when we got home and I was left with 4 tacos and chili cheese fries. I woke up my cousin and he voluntarily ate with me! lol

I woke up regretting my drunken mistake!!!!

We woke up and wanted to have bfast so washed up and headed out the door. I was ok to leave, but FF couldn’t find her other pump. She had no idea where it went and was sure she didn’t walk out of the car with one heel on last night.

I went to the car and found her other pump on the floor of my car along with her cell.

She always comes out of these nights with battle scars and from last night… this is what she got!

No, not the dot on her cheek, that’s a mole, on her lip, she has a scar. lol
Luckily she got away with 1. On my birthday it was 3.

So all in all, all this happened in one hour. Seemed like we were there longer!

Ok, so why is today the perfect day? I had an audition in NOHO and I nailed it!

He first brought in all the asian girls that were auditioning for the same role and explained to us what he wanted us to do. First of all, they were all ugly. Kinda looked like the girls you see at VS parties. Fobby, tacky and defineltly not me. lol

I was the first one of the group and after I did it, he told me I was perfect! And that I followed directions really well and how he doesn’t understand why people can’t follow directions! lol
I’m very good at following directions! But I walked outta there relieved and happy!

I’ll get an all expense trip to vegas to shoot the commercial and get paid!!!!

I also dodged traffic coming from NOHO and made it back home by 3pm to do JIM.

Now I’m sitting here in my sweaty clothes writing this blog so you can all enjoy my blabbing. Gotta shower now and head to LA to pick up my last paycheck from PARAO.

WILL BE @ MOOD TONIGHT!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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