I know, it sounds raunchy, but it was a calendar shoot and I’m glad I got to experience it. Here are a few shots of me from my phone….

I got paid and I had fun. And there wasn’t any nudity! hahahaha

Here are a few with my camera. My scene partner was Asia. The girls were mixed with Asians, Blacks & Latinas. One other Japanese girl and a half Asian half black girl for the Asians. I’ll be posting pictures up from the shoot when the calendar gets released… Thanks!

Luckily they didn’t mind that I wasn’t the perfect body, but I think I still looked decent in the lingerie.

Starting Sunday I am going to try a new diet which will be a secret. I have been a fat lard this past week, eating McDonald’s last Sunday to Del taco Wednesday and Denny’s Thursday and back to McDonald’s bfast this morning…

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