I got my ipod stolen from my car from the VALET people @ my work, Cercle!

How could they????????? Anyone else I wouldn’t mind, but HELLO???? I’m an employee!!!!

I called the manager immediately and he apologized, he said he’d get back to me Monday.

I don’t expect them to reimburse me for it, but I do want the Valet people to know that I know they stole it! I do expect them to give it back to me. =)

If Cercle’s manager tries to reimburse me for the ipod cause it was stolen, I won’t accept it. It’s not Cercle’s duty’s to reimburse me.

I have another new ipod lying around, which I can use, if they don’t give it back. Ugh! Just thinking about putting in all my songs again is a fucking chore!

Gonna smoke now and relax, for I have nothing to do tomorrow!!!! yay!

*hi hater*

*I know it’s you… LOSER!*

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