I volunteered to be an extra in a Korean/American indie film for my hubby’s friend.

The cast? Brian Tee, Kang Haejung from Old Boy and others…

Like I said before I always get bumped up to a feature extra role on every set I step foot it.

I was a hairstylist in the background, but was moved to be another stylist that eavesdrops on the supporting character’s conversations!

They also asked me to come back for more camera time and would Taft Hartley me. YAY!!!!

For those of who don’t know what that means…. click the word cause I’m in a rush to write this blog, sorry! It’s an awesome thing for non-union people!

Also, I got the call back for the Nokia commercial!!!!! I have to be in SM by 2:40pm. So I gotta start getting ready again…

Will post more later!!! Thanks for reading!

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