Wow, my days are going so fast that I’m barely finding time to blog. Every night I hesitate to blog because it is way past my bedtime….

I have to be up at 4:45am. My call time for the indie film is @ 7am in KTOWN.

I was graciously called back for another scene and I hope they mention about the tafthartley, because you all know, I won’t have the balls to mention it first. (maybe I will, since it is so important for my career.)

I got the call back for the casino audition, where the casting guy told me I performed perfectly!

If I get both Nokia & the Casino, I won’t know what to do because it will both coincide. Maybe they’ll rearrange the schedule because I’m not available. Wait, what am I thinking, I’m not even a big star, they only do that to the Angelina Jolie’s of the world.

I also find myself eating along most of the time. Today I ate at Bud’s Deli. Ordered a chicken salad sandwich with whole wheat and it was yummmy!

Ok, time for bed… another long day tomorrow…

7am calltime
12:30pm callback for casino in noho
hopefully make it back before traffic and do JIM
5:50pm audition in Valley

and maybe, just maybe, I might go to AREA….

there is this bartender who I forgot to say bye to last time when I went….

oh one more thing…. I got the callsheet for tomorrow, and they mispelled my last name. She wrote Lim instead of Kim. I even checked my keyboard to see if they were next to each other because I’m not believing that she didn’t know my last name when it was on my email….

Do I let her know so I get credited correctly?

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