I already got in the habit of saying I never want to get married again.

*i just got a im from a unknown name “susanachen” not exactly, i don’t know cause i deleted it, but I didn’t open the pandora’s box. Kinda didn’t want to know what it said. lol*

But back to my topic. Engagement, HY is engaged and I’m in love with her ring. I remember when I was engaged. I loved my ring so much and I loved using my left hand to point things out. It kind of just took charge. I held my cell phone with my left hand when on the phone too. I don’t know what about the ring made me so happy. Was it that I never had to look for another guy anymore? Was I happy that dating was over for me? Was it that I was in love and I had chosen the guy I wanted to be with for the rest of my life? Or was it all the diamonds & gold I saw coming in my future.

Let me state that I won’t be stating about where the money came from because it doesn’t matter. Yes I’ve mentioned it here and there nonchalantly so you won’t really remember, but my friends know exactly what happened so that’s that. And no, I am not a gold digger. lol

And not literally gold & diamonds but luxuries….

Did I love my engagement ring because it was so beautiful?

sorry this was the only pic i could find…

I never get to really say how I feel about my life now. I’m afraid people won’t understand me. Or they won’t admit that they understand. Because that means they feel the same way. IF that makes sense.

I loved the idea of marriage, the new house, all the wedding stuff, new everything!

I did it for the wrong reasons. I loved him but didn’t see what marriage was really about. It wasn’t only me though. We both didn’t know what to expect and didn’t try harder at the end.

But I feel that most divorces are caused by those reasons in many relationships. We are so blinded because of all the exciting wedding plans and sometimes don’t even realize that you might not be ready.

There are also those who are truly in love and know that they were meant for each other. I find that to be the rare case.

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