I was scheduled to work last night @ Cercle, but they didn’t get enough table reservations, so my shift got canceled.

I had came out to LA earlier to hang out with my family but on the way to their house, I stopped by my favorite cheap pizza place!!!! Little Caesar’s pizza!

I’ve been craving pizza for the last week and never had the chance to eat it.

1 pie is only $5!

I ended up eating 4 slices and 2 crazy breads @ the house. Around 10pm, I got a text from my manager apologizing because my shift was canceled.

My cousin was going out with his friends, and his fiance was going out with hers.

I really didn’t feel like going out because I told myself that I wouldn’t leave the house unless it was for work, Jim, auditions, or to get food. BUT I was already in LA and figured why not!

We ended up going to Kress, but it was thrown by Limelight, which the crowd consists of LGAs.

I couldn’t believe how many ugly people there were. I guess it is true how ugly people hang out in ugly crowds. There were ugly girls for the ugly boys. The one decent looking guy I saw was supposedly a douche bag that comes out to these parties and talks to any girls that have pussies. So I was told by HY’s friend who have been to Limelight parties.

I still couldn’t believe the crowd, I just stood there staring at all the nasty guys drooling over all the nasty girls.

Also, the downstairs of Kress fucking sucks. It was a steam room and it smelled like pho. lol

HY & I decided to go upstairs and when they asked to see our bracelet, I told them we didn’t have one, but of course US being the cutest ones there, they let us through! =)

The rooftop is much much better, but still filled with uglies.

It’s sad that the ugly guys don’t even bother hitting on pretty girls because they know they don’t have a chance.

Well, enough about uglies….




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