guess who?

Writing from my bb after I got this comment:

“if my significant other WAS you, i’d choose C. real talk. on some real selfish shit. that’s how it goes around here. you should know that”

I think I’ve found who’s behind this anonymous door!

Yes ladies & gentlemen, the over exaggerater himself!
“Real talk. On some real selfish shit” sounds exactly like how he says it! Oh and the time the comment was left.

And by the way, that’s why I left. Too selfish for me, I’m glad you found someone that can appreciate your selfishness! Yay! Lol

And thanks for reading about me!

Of course, I know the drill. Someones gonna leave a comment talking shit, “no, you dumb bitch, its not bb. Blah blah blAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

I’m so glad you guys are the haters because you are so disrespectful and I’m glad I don’t have friends like you.

Hey how about I do the shit talking for you?

“But u have no real friends violet, u fake bitch, cause they talk shit about u too!”

Well, if I was fake, I wouldn’t be talking about my real life on my blog. Lol

Ugh I swear its gonna be my last time each time u guys annoy me. But this is really my last blog about u fools.

I’ve decided to not receive emails from the comments u leave. Well I could ask the “fans” to use a name I would recognize but posting it on here would only make the haters lie and trick me. Too bad u can’t trust people to be honest. So I may ask the “fans” to put code b4 their name. I’ll post it somewhere on my facebook or myspace.

So thanks again, and until I come up with a code I won’t be reading ne emails from anonymous commenters and named commenters!!!

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