So, I got home from my date and I must say… it went pretty well.

But what is the point of dating if no relationship is going to come out of it?

We went to Nic’s Martini bar in Beverly Hills. Went into a temperature controlled room to try all these different vodkas. They gave us these huge coats that you see those rich american women wearing when they go to Aspen or something. lol faux fur type stuff. With those Russian hat thingies.

The place was actually really cool.

Ok enough about the place…

The guy was very satisfactory. He was well mannered and there were no awkward moments of silence.

There were a few thing that I wasn’t used to from his behavior but definitely forgivable.

Its weird for me to go on a date with a non-asian guy. I guess I’m comfortable and used to the asian’s mannerisms and etiquette.

He was definitely as handsome as I remembered him to be. He was definitely a lot taller than I thought he was.

He’s 6’5! I called FF after my date and when I told her how tall he was, she laughed hysterically on the other line! LOL

We were going to watch the movie I got from Netflix, Step Brothers, cause I had grabbed the mail before rushing out but instead we just made out…

He wanted me to leave the dvd so it gives me a reason to come back. It sounded nice at the moment, but now I’m not too sure if I want to go back.

All my guy cousins tell me that guys only want one thing. And that is to get into the girl’s pants. AND if they do like me and have to wait for the sex, it more likely that it can turn into a relationship. Rather than doing things quickly and even if he liked me, he’d already gotten what he wanted so he wouldn’t try want to get to know me or even see me @ that.

But I should already know this…. but I don’t.

At least the netflix is a self return type of thing… he just has to put it in his mailbox if I never want to see him again.

Throughout the night during our happy hour, he asked what I was thinking…. which I answered him truthfully. But during our makeout session, there was a 5 minute moment where we just lied there in each other’s arms and starred into each others eyes. Just when I thought he was going to ask me what I was thinking, I kept thinking of an answer. I knew that if he asked me, I would answer him this, “It’s like an abnormal comfort.” That’s exactly how I felt.

It was abnormal to see and feel as comfortable as I did. As we were starring into each other’s eyes, I felt like I had been with him for a long time and I felt like I was in love. *screeeeech*
lol like the brakes on the car! ok, I don’t love the guy, but looking at him made me remember how good it feels to love someone and have them love you back. It’s like we’ve been in a relationship forever and it was just comfortable.

Ok that’s enough of this nonsense… I have a script to memorize and a graduation to attend tomorrow morning…. gonna be another LONG day!


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