Last night I bartended @ the club for a Google Holiday Party.

It was open bar and I was surprised to see how many people didn’t abuse it!

Not that they should, but the crowd of people @ the party were not the “partying” types.

The party started @ 8pm but by 10pm half the guests had left.

It was cool to see how they turned the private rooms into little “getaways.”

They had a cheese tasting room, photo booth, alcohol from all over the world, and other crap I didn’t bother to remember.

It was a 70’s themed party and champagne was flowing (well at least for the bartenders) and bottles were popping. Not only did they have unlimited amounts of alcohol but delicious food & dessert catered!

The party ended @ 1am and I saw a few people stumble out of the club wasted! Oh and free valet! Wow! I couldn’t believe everything was free! I mean, Google does make a lot of money!

I always have to pay for valet when I work, but last night I didn’t! It was the easiest $250 I ever made! Well maybe not, the easiest was when I was a feature extra in the film “The Wedding Palace.”

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