monday not so blue

I moved my computer Sunday since time warner was coming to install my new cable modem. I’ve now cut down costs by getting all my services from time warner.

After I moved it, it hasn’t been working. Well it loads, but it crashes soon after.

Hopefully my cousin brings my laptop cord tomorrow. 🙂

I also got my first pay check today from the other bar. I’m excited to start working and being busy again! Its weird. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. I guess its the taste of making money. 😉

We’ve had many fullerton residents come by asking when it was gonna open! I love the decor of the place. Contemporary. White granite tops. Mirrored mosaic tiles in the entrance, multiple karaoke rooms, lounge areas and a nice big bar.

I’ve been watching super high me repeatedly. Its informative and funny. I’ve had several moments where I actually laughed out loud. *the reason I say actually is because for lol I’m just smiling really hard. No actual loud laugh* because of the “holidays” I have yet to receive a new dvd.

Oh but I rented serendipity. Which was my all time favorite romantic movie. But if I’ve rather watch super high me rather than that
. We have a problem. So I now declare the notebook as my favorite romantic moobieeeee!!! Of course hairspray is the best of them all!

Maybe because I knew what was going to happen. The anticipation got annoying, I wanted it to be over already. Its like the movie is meant to be watched once.
Hairspray, I can watch all day!

That reminds me! I’ve been meaning to go to best buy. Depending on how much the external hard drive is, I’m going to buy the hairspray dvd.

I had a great day today. Productive minus doing Jim. Had to do some resisting but I didn’t mind.

I noticed something about myself recently and that I’m very shy. Apparently it causes me not to talk. Well, I’ve been told many many times by many many people and it because I’m too shy. The people I’m truly myself around are my family, FF, hubby and a few more. Not many. I’m not being fake when I’m not myself, either.

Its now 243am and I got a long day tomorrow (tuesday).

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