I don’t have many important things to do in my life. But when something does get scheduled, I always seem to get double booked.

This Saturday is Spa day for my cousin’s fiance’s bachelorette party, but the audition I went to on Tuesday is filming on Saturday.

I didn’t know it was getting filmed Tuesday until I got to the audition. I thought I’d go thru with it because I didn’t think I’d get the job.

BUT with my luck, I did. I had to tell them that I had to cancel.

I actually got called for another audition Saturday.

So I have my audition Saturday @ 11am, then have to drive all the way to Laguna Beach by 12pm for my massage!

The party starts @ 9am, but I won’t be able to get there when it starts!

I also have work Friday night and probably won’t go to bed till 3am.

Oh…. I’m going to NYC on Feb. 12th – 16th.

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