so not worth the hype.

yes, i enjoyed their cantaloupe juice and the nachos while it lasted but i could live without. I can’t live without el taurino.

supposedly this is the wet burrito my cousin rants about. i personally don’t like wet burritos, so I decided to get the nachos.

He wanted to order on the phone as we were driving there and I got nervous because I didn’t know what I wanted to order. I had my mind on the wet burrito since i hadn’t seen the place and didn’t know what else could be good. THANK GOD that the hispanic employee didn’t understand, we ordered when we got there. AND THANK GOD again because they had pictures! I wanted chilaquiles, but they didn’t offer. I made a great choice with their nachos.

He asked me if I wanted everything. NORMALLY, I would ask whats in it and only ask for what I wanted. TODAY I decided not to be difficult and the least I can do is know what goes in it without having to be too demanding and if and when I come the next time, I’ll know what to NOT ask for. =)

I swear, I get politer by the day! Who would’ve thought it could be possible?
anyways, here’s the cantaloupe juice & asada nachos

and this is the wet burrito

i think the word wet turns me on.

i like the way it sounds.

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