My computer has been TRIPPIN!!!!!!~

I finally got it to work again finally and now I have all these pictures I need to update my blog with.

last night’s dinner was my favorite cheapo place to eat! LEE’s

I was putting gas in yesterday and realized I was putting in 89 in my shitty car. Who the hell puts the lowest grade in the middle? Isn’t it suppose to consecutive?

Today was Hy’s Bachelorette Spa Day! I rushed down to Laguna from NOHO in 45 minutes for my 90 minute massage appointment. I chose the 90 minute one because the few times I’ve gotten a massage, it was 50 minutes. AND always after my massage, I felt like I wanted it to be longer. It seemed like I was starting to relax just when it was over.

But even after my 90 minute session, I felt like I didn’t have enough! I had so many knots in my shoulders and even though it was painful, I managed to bear the pain!

After we went to Laguna for lunch and I had the yummiest sandwich. The place we ate at was Cest La Vie. I had the le parisien sandwich with a peach kir. Champagne with white peach!

I just got home and I have to get ready for work!

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