Wow, the last time I paid any attention to football, Eagles were doing horribly. I can’t believe they made it to the playoffs. Congratulations to them!

Work was extremely slow last night.

My cousin and his friends ended up stopping by towards the end. My cousin P started to talk about this girl in all white. It’s funny that out of all the girls that were there, I remembered who she was too. Aside from that she commented on my pigtails, I noticed her when she walked by towards the beginning.

After a group of “eye catching” girls walk by, I always turn to look @ the cashier’s face because he makes the funniest look! And when I mean eye-catching, I don’t mean pretty. The cashier is a middle aged married man with a toddler and he is not Americanized. He’s an ajushi. Basically his face has the look of disgust and its funny to compare his reactions to the reactions of normal young boys that come to the club.

If a guy on the other side of the bar were to have seen them walk by, he probably would’ve broken his neck.

It was 3 of them, all skimpily dressed, fake tits up to their chin and layers of makeup on their face. Oh and how could I forget the bleached blond highlights. I’m not saying anything negative, just stating the facts. They are noticeable, they just wouldn’t be my type if I like girls.

That reminds me…. my hubby might have a future gf. Luckily she doesn’t live close, so they won’t be seeing much of each other. Its weird because I’ve never seen my hubby with a love interest. I’ve actually never seen a same sex couple.

I’m flying out to NY the 2nd week of February and I’m a little excited. I say little because I’m dreading the cold. The weather effects the excitement level of my trip.

I don’t know what it is with men. When dating someone new, some men hate it when the girl has dated someone they knew by acquaintance or by being friends. But some men don’t give a fuck. My conclusion on why guys are like that has to do with the girl. Point #1, guys don’t give a fuck in general. if the girl isn’t worth making him look like he got leftovers from a guy he knows, he’ll care. BUT if the girl is top shelf, he doesn’t care.

Top shelf is an accumulation of a lot of different things. I obviously can’t describe what your top shelf is of a girl, but I can definitely explain what top shelf is for a guy.

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