monday is good

I did everything I wanted to do today.

I woke up in tustin ranch @ FF’s house.

I remembered to write this blog because she told me last year’s goal with her friend from VA. To write weekly updates on their life. Lengthy & detailed. Well she told me she was able to keep it up, so that made me think. If she can email someone about her life once a week, I should be able to blog once a day with my day to day updates.

So today, I drove home in the morning. Wow, no traffic on the 5. It was perfect! I changed as soon as I got home & went to do JIM. There weren’t any cute guys to look @ and my 2 favorite trainers weren’t there. I managed to do 30 minutes of cardio and hurried out. I went to work by 1pm and CLEANED! I know they are doing us a favor by letting us come in a clock in hours since the opening day has been pushed back since October! But have us clean the same thing over & over again? Ridiculous. Well at least with my acting career moving slowly, I have another reason to wake up early.

We got off @ 4pm today and I went to Costco with a co-worker. I bought wheat bread, chicken breast slices, cheese, swifter & wet cloths, carrots and toothpaste.

I came home and my cousin K was waiting for me! That god he wasn’t waiting long. Also as I was pulling up to my driveway, I was so glad to see that I didn’t wait last minute to take the trash out! 😉

He came and fixed my cpu while also picking up his school books. He also showed me how to turn on the engine. Teeheehee. Now I gotta work on my arm strength so I can move the bike. 🙂

Oh yeah I forgot, I bought soy milk too! For my morning shake!

My cousin went back home and now I’m in bed in my new sheets watching Hairspray!

I’m planning on going to bed early and start another productive day tomorrow!

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