Tuesday who?

I went to bed @ 6:30am! I didn’t want to sleep! Someone said, “maybe you had too much on your mind?” I don’t remember thinking about something. I was just surfing through the web, while I put all the things I needed to get in a shopping basket.

I woke up @ 11am because the movers came. I was able to sell some furniture… that’s how I made my $1000 bucks in 30 minutes! =)

I was suppose to go try the Kogi Tacos in Venice with W, but plans changed last minute and I had to cancel! 🙁 I will try it soon! Oh he told me their special today was kimchi quesadilla. I don’t like kimchi, but I gotta at least try!

I didn’t have time to do Jim today. I had to rush to work and was there till 5pm. As soon as I got off work, I drove to LA for an appointment and stopped by my cousin J’s place. I was starving since all I had today was a shake in the am and a slice of pizza for early lunch. And there’s always food @ my cousin’s! Korean, but edible.

Now I’m home and typing away. Too bad I didn’t get any dvds in the mail. I screwed up my calculated cycle in returning them. I should be getting 2 tomorrow. Disc 2 & 3 of Nip/Tuck Season 2.

Oh, but I do have cable in the living room! Nah, it’s too cold out there. I’d rather be in my toasty sheets, watching Hairspray!

Quick question:

Does the person that is stereotypically better in a dating situation have the upper hand? Does the lesser candidate have to try harder because they know they are lacking than the other?

When an established woman decides to date a less established man, is it because the man “proved” himself to be better in other aspects? What if he decided he didn’t want to prove himself? Do they just move on? I guess it depends on the chemistry the 2 had when they first met.

That is why relationships are the toughest sport to play. You have to give your all each time and you never know what could happen. Because the game is always there. If you’re not playing the game, the other person is. And most likely when you’re not, they are.

When you fear for what could happen is when you’re not true. You should only be feeling the positive things.

Ha! I saw a friend’s FB status message and it said, “curiosity cures boredom, but there’s no cure for curiosity.” Fear cures curiosity. You’re so fearful, you’re not curious anymore. Or wait, because you’re so fearful, you’re curious. Well, I guess it could work both ways. lol

Oh last night I played wii tennis and made myself a vii! lol

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