Great MLK!

I had a very productive day today!

Within an hour of waking up, I got to see Tyler and we went to lunch in Little Tokyo. The place that has the best Spicy Chicken Bowl. (sorry no picture) T.O.T. And as someone said it today, where I had my first date there with him. (still need to finish that saved blog about the meal rule)

I got the udon combo with spicy chicken bowl and shared it with Tyler. FF emo had the spicy chicken bowl.

THANK YOU EMO! for such a wonderful lunch!

We came home after and I let Tyler bask in his new playroom. I had mentioned that I made him a playroom and when we got home he yelled, “Mommy? Where’s my clubhouse?” LOL I was like, um baby, you have a playroom, not a clubhouse. But I was wishing I had called it that!

I always see kids in the street playing since we live in a quiet neighborhood, so I wanted to take Tyler out on his Ferrari. But you already know because I posted pics. Soon after one trip down the street, I found myself bringing him in so he can play/watch cartoons while I was stuck to the computer.

I ended up playing 2 games of scrabble with NYB and won both games! The 1st one he titled, “I’ll let you win.” Which I won, of course. The 2nd game he titled it, “This time I win.” Or something like that. And I was losing, but I WON!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to win, all on my own.

I had told Tyler that we would be visiting his uncles so he kept asking. But we had to wait til him & his fiance got home from work. =)

I thought it would be a way for me to get my workout in. Jim is right downstairs, so my cousin watched him while we worked out. Until Tyler missed me. Supposedly he said he wanted to see me, so he came down as I was finishing 10 minutes on the elliptical. (I hate new places to do JIM) I did another 12 minutes and some change on the treadmill and decided to dance on their wood floors. I did that for about couple minutes. I was feeling shy since my cousin’s fiance was there! LOL I remember we were vchatting and I was in my bathing suit dancing for her. hahahahaha

After we were done, my hubby told me she wanted to come by to see Tyler. She had just gotten done with her class and was going to meet me. So I quickly drove home where she greeted me with Veggie Lee’s. I told myself I wasn’t going to eat. Then I said, I’ll eat half, then I ended up eating the whole thing.

We exchanged stories of our love interests and laughed all night. We’re meeting tomorrow for JIM.

Here I am again, attached to my computer. While Tyler’s watching a dvd in our room.

I’m off to bed. I have a wonderful 12 hours left with Tyler and I have work at 1pm. Oh and I can’t forget JIM.

P.S. I’m really fat right now. I won’t allow myself to be seen other than at work or JIM. Thanks for understanding! LOL

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